Friday, January 10, 2020

Ambazonia: a traditional chief reported 'at war against the ambaboys' in his locality

The traditional chief of this region announces an open war against the secessionist militiamen, following atrocities on its populations.

Between the "Ambazonians" and the superior chief Babungo, superior chief of the grouping of the same name in the district of Babessi, department of Ngoketunjia in the English-speaking North-West, war is now open. This is the epitome of an undated but authentic video that has been around for a few days. Shirtless, a warrior spear in his right hand, Fon Ndofoa Zofua III, the 15th of the Vungo dynasty to the throne since 1999, listens carefully to the complaints of his people on the veranda of his palace. 

Gathered at the corners of the royal court, they have almost all their arms crossed on their stomachs. Then he speaks, in the local language. His words are interspersed with applause. According to a native of the village, who summarizes for us the speech of the chief, the euphoria which seized a few minutes of the crowd, estimated at less than a hundred people, comes from what he announced that " he will no longer tolerate the Ambaboys on his territory ”.

"Too much is too much," he says, moreover, in Pidgin English. The bone of contention is said to be "the suffering inflicted on its populations by people who despise their traditions". Plaintive villagers testified, arousing mass pity and frightening others. Despite the determination of the chief, who intends to mobilize even ancestral resources for his fight, his exit makes observers of the English-speaking crisis smile. "If that were enough to end the crisis, it would have been long gone. Remember the assassination in broad daylight of Chief Esoh Itoh (in the South West, note) that was credited during his lifetime with the power to disappear and reappear in other places on earth. 

These guys are very dangerous. For a group that had more than 10,000 souls before the crisis, look at the number of people who came to follow the chief, ”put a colleague into perspective. Who recalls that it is thanks to the help of the armed forces that certain traditional dignitaries still set foot in their villages. Many local leaders, by their connection to the Rdpc, the party in power, caused the rejection of a good fringe of their subjects. In the particular context of Ngoketunjia, located less than 100 km from Bamenda, secessionist militiamen are fierce there. The abductees are released for large ransoms and others are held captive to avoid attack by regular forces, who could also massacre these innocent people.