Saturday, January 25, 2020

Ambazonia: Me Christian NtimbaneI narrates moment with a BAS compatriot

I have just followed a young compatriot from the BAS movement calling for contributions to buy arms for the benefit of the Ambazonians.

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I actually understood that this is an exasperation posture in the face of the depressing situation in our country. 

It is just like the sacking of embassies which came in reaction to the shooting of political activists who peacefully demonstrated their freedom and constitutional right to contest the results of the presidential election, the war in NOSO and the hijacking public funds. 

This is also why, I always said that this ransacking of embassies or the act of tearing the Cameroonian flag by another member of the Bas did not move me more than the injuries, lacerations and mutilations on the bodies of Maitre Ndocky, Djamen, Ngankam, Mamadou Mota ... or of the girl who had exposed on a video her lacerated body with horrible cruelty to the machete by the elements of the Sed because she had simply answered the word d order of his party's peaceful marches. 

Because for me, human life is more important than an administrative building or a flag. 

This respect for human life therefore obliges us to discredit any action that could cost life or harm the physical integrity of men.

Thus, just as we disapprove of this decision by the government to favor, at the expense of a real dialogue with the secessionists, the war which kills the many Cameroonians in the Noso and our defense and security forces, thus, we we must also refrain from encouraging the use of violence wherever it comes from. 

Cameroonians may not be aware of the power of their daily denunciations of bad governance, their peaceful demonstrations, their refusal to subjugate the conformism desired by the State Rdpc and its compradore officials. 

When Cameroonians take to the streets of western capitals or on the internet to denounce the endemic and epidermal bad governance in Cameroon, the regime's supporters and their support are very, very bad. 

The proof of their anger is that they improperly arrest, torture, violate, brutalize, promise arrests to all those who dare to publicly expose their bad works in the name of freedom of expression. 

Unlike in previous years, the regime is accountable to the people, regularly justifying itself on the charges that are brought against it.

Watch how he hangs like a lifeline on the declaration of the suspicious Congolese OMARI of the Caf on Rfi, undermined by an uncompromising analysis of the journalist JP REMY Ngono, who spread the truth about the glaring infrastructural inadequacies of the Cameroon. 

Dear compatriots, words are bombs. 

Don't underestimate them. 

Words are very powerful weapons. 

It is speech that creates and destroys.

Watch for yourself the effect produced by these few releases by Wilfried Ekanga, Maître Diewou or JP Remy Ngono and many others in recent times. 

It is total blast. 

I therefore ask this young compatriot from the Bas, whose work to raise awareness of the Cameroonian authorities on the degree of anger of the small people and the silent majority, is bearing fruit, to abandon the project of armed struggle. 

Only with his friends and combatants from the Bas, let them continue in the peaceful demonstration and perhaps with violent actions without violence. 

And do not forget that the power of Yaoundé not being eternal, one day, without the need to shed blood from our compatriots, brothers and sisters of the defense forces, there will indeed be an alternation in Cameroon.