Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Ambazonia: An Anglophone colonel unfairly dismissed by order of Beti Assomo

Colonel Tabot Samuel Orock was unfairly Colonel Tabot Samuel Orock was  unjustifiably removed as commander of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force Constrain in Cameroon by Cameroonian Defense Serve Joseph Beti Asomo since he has no 'godfather' 'and too since he is English-speaking, according to the information we have received.

The peacekeeping drive within the Central African Republic has colossal infusions of UN cash, so the French-speaking Biya Beti Ewondo administration supplanted Colonel Tabot Orock with Captain Awono Louis Thaddée, a blood relative with the Defense minister Beti Asomo who is adulterated to channel most of this cash into "high places" in Yaoundé. We have learned that Yaoundé removed Colonel Tabot Orock at the United Nations Peacekeeping Force Countries without carrying out an investigation, which isn't the proper procedure. 

Colonel Samuel Orock Tabot is a graduate of the prestigious American Military Foundation at West Point and the Maritime Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. 

His task at the head of this deployment affirms to the earnestness with which Cameroon sees its part in territorial peace and security.

Source: afrinews.pro