Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Ambazonia: 10 things that made Paul Biya fail

The government of Yaoundé very often has the habit of brandishing the accusation of terrorism or an apology for terrorism against those who contest it. But we have to wonder if burning down hundreds of houses and massacring dozens of civilians like the soldiery of the Biya regime in recent days in the English-speaking area is not state terrorism. Sign of the times? Swan song? In fact, the period from January 12 to 18, 2020 was completely crazy in the Southern Cameroons (north-west and English-speaking south-west of Cameroon). According to the human rights newspaper, nearly 600 houses were burned down and around 75 civilians killed by Cameroonian soldiers during the said period. When you get to this level of barbarism, it translates to two things: frustration and defeat.

1-By deploying overarmed military units in the English-speaking area from November 30, 2017, Paul Biya and his securocrats believed that it was enough to fire a cannon and the English-speaking people would falter and submit. That no ! The power of Yaoundé has deployed in the Southern Cameroons, thousands of soldiers from the formidable Intervention Battalion (BIR), the terrible Battalion of Airborne Troops (BTAP), a hundred snipers, not counting troops from the Motorized Infantry Brigade (BIM). Result? Failure. 

2-Having realized that the military solution may not be the most effective, this regime opted in May 2018 for what it knows how to do best: divide on the tribal base. This is how the Yaoundé regime launched a campaign which consists in opposing the English speakers of the Southwest to those of the North West by describing the latter as troublemakers "Ngraffi", "Cam No Go" who sow disorder with the “Sawa” nobles of the Southwest and drag them into a war they do not want.  Result? Failure. 

3- Between July and October 2018, the Yaoundé regime through its agents on social networks including a false Facebook profile in the name of Manju Francis Nsoh, began to spread on the canvas photos of the bodies of the alleged "secessionist terrorists" With the shotguns above the bodies. These photos were accompanied by glowing comments like "11 terrorists crushed", "30 terrorists neutralized". The objective was to erode the morale of the people who would see their soldiers of the revolution defeated and in serious difficulty. Result? Failure. 

4-In December 2018, the power of Yaoundé hired the services of a resourceful lawyer, playboy and bankruptcy called Emmanuel Nsahlaï. Based in the United States, son of former Minister Christopher Nsahlai who died in April 2008 and no less nephew of the deceased First Lady, Jeanne Irène Biya, Emmanuel Nsahlaï filed a complaint against Chris Anu (secretary of communication for the English-speaking independence movement) , Tapang Ivo (spokesperson for an armed wing of the movement) and Eric Tataw (investigative journalist and pro-independence English-speaking activist based in the USA) before the courts in the State of California for "support for terrorism". The objective of such an initiative was to discourage the local English-speaking populations from any support for the English-speaking independence movements once they realized that those who carry the said movement are being hunted down by the American justice. Result? Failure. All of these complaints were dismissed. In recent months, we have heard no more about it. 

5-To sow confusion within the English-speaking independence movement, the power of Yaoundé, through the intermediary of certain members of the political elite and English-speaking businessmen, financed certain leaders of the diaspora and other activists to attack to other factions of the movement and to sabotage the revolution. An England-based feyman and passport thief named Nkonda Titus aka Ma Kontri Pipo Dem (MKPD) was even put to work to destroy (it's a quote) the English-speaking revolution through a counter-revolutionary campaign on the networks social (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…). Result? Failure.

6-The Yaoundé regime, through its Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji and its intelligence services such as the Military Security Division (its criminal under boss Bamkoui Emile even delivers ammunition to certain armed groups, according to activist Patrice Nouma), created false separatist fighters in May 2018 by recruiting both from the civilian population (especially the bororos) and the armed forces. The mission of these fake "Amba Boys" (pompously called "vigilance committees") is to kidnap for ransoms, to multiply criminal acts (assassinations with decapitation, destruction of property, fire of infrastructure, etc. ) with the aim (1) of setting local populations against revolutionary armed groups and (2) bringing the United States to classify the English-speaking independence movement as a terrorist organization. Result obtained between May 2018 and December 2019?  Failure. 

7-The government of Yaoundé paid billions of FCFA to American lobbying firms in order to wage an aggressive campaign against the English-speaking revolution with the United Nations and the American government as well as to obtain a resolution at the level of the American Congress which condemns the movement.  Result? Failure.  Cameroon has been suspended from the AGOA trade cooperation program by the American government, which has rejected the great national dialogue and opted for Swiss mediation. 

8-In December 2018, the Biya government, known for its arrogance and convinced of its omnipotence, created disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) centers in both Buea and Bamenda, to collect members of the revolutionary armed groups that have voluntarily laid down their arms. More than a year later, this thing is in reality only a center that welcomes unemployed and job seekers who, for the most part, are former prisoners. The proof is that Chief Tabetandoh, senator of the ruling CPDM party and successful businessman from Manyu (southwest English-speaking), who said to anyone who wants to hear it in May 2019 that more than 500 fighters are on the point to lay down their arms fell on their knees to beg these same fighters to lay down their arms in November 2019, during a ceremony in Mamfe. Everything therefore suggests that genuine revolutionaries are not ready to lay down their arms to integrate these DDRs. But the objective of the creation by the power of Yaoundé of DDR centers is to make Cameroonians and international opinion believe that the armed independence fighters are young drug addicts and brainwashed enlisted in these armed groups against their will. Result? Failure. 

9- At the end of December 2019, the Biya regime hires the services of Success Nkongho and General Nambere Nanje, one former independence activist and the other leader of an independentist armed group. Assigned objective, to scuttle the revolution. But a few days later, we realize that Success Nkongho is a crook and slave trader for Kuwait but that the power uses to lynch the Ayah International Foundation which flies to the aid of the victims of the war in the English-speaking area ( refugees, internally displaced persons). Success Nkongho and General Nambere were also used by Atanga Nji to repatriate from Nigeria, on December 31, 2019, 87 refugees from the English-speaking crisis in Cameroon. A few days later, we discover that these are actually Cameroonian immigrants and even Nigerians recruited to stage a return of refugees in order to convince international opinion that the war is coming to an end. Nambere is used to serve as a relay of information between infiltrators within the English-speaking independence movement and the Biya regime. Result? Failure. 

10- On January 3, 2020 in Balikumbat, the Presidency of the Republic, through Atanga Nji and certain elites of Ngoketunja, staged an uprising of the populations of Balikumbat (northwest English-speaking) abundantly relayed by the CRTV, state television and regime officials on social media. The objective of this strategy put in place to circumvent the calls of the United States to participate in Swiss mediation with the separatists, was to give the impression that the local population is fed up with armed groups, that they no longer want of this revolution and that things are gradually returning to normal. Result? Fail!

Journalist: Michel Biem Tong