Monday, January 20, 2020

Alert: scammers using 'Samuel Eto'o name to defraud people

They wanted to swindle me and I testify here so that naive people do not fall into the trap. The principle is as follows, they contact a user via Facebook with an account in the name of Samuel Eto'o. They tell the target that Samuel Eto'o decided to finance the projects of his fans. They usually offer 10 million.

They then ask for the target's WhatsApp phone number to exchange more. To reassure him, they call him on video and the internet user sees Samuel Eto'o on video, but the voice is out of sync with the video and is not that of Samuel Eto'o. 

To the target who wants to reassure himself that it is indeed Samuel Eto'o, they send false identity documents in the name of Samuel Eto'o. 

Subsequently, they put the target in contact with accomplices in Cameroon who would be bank managers to release the amount that Samuel Eto'o will give them to finance their project. It was then that the latter asked the target for a certain sum as bank charges in order to release the sum promised by Samuel Eto'o. 

After investigating and collecting testimonies from the different victims, here are the different numbers of these scammers. These have numbers in all corners of the world (Africa, Europe, America etc.) 

Here is contact of the so-called financial director of Samuel Eto'o on behalf of Mr. Dominique, to receive the 10 million: 671298486

Another alleged bank manager on behalf of Mr. Talla Michel: 693882432 

Here are other numbers used by these scammers when they pretend to be Samuel Eto'o: 658391912 

+1 (712) 3406744 

+ (516) 254 - 8704 

+ 33751927953

Well, I did my part. It is up to the intelligence services to track down these crooks. Instead of spending time tracking down peaceful activists on the web, you better track down harmful scammers. Show yourself useful in your lives. Don't just be poor unscrupulous performers. 

And you, the so-called fan and other tchinda of Samuel Eto'o, you have been aware of this scam for months but you have never reported it. And you say you help and support Samuel Eto'o. 

To those who say that I hate Samuel Eto'o, you who love him so much why you do not denounce everyone who uses his image to make money? Band of passive followers! Useless fans! They support with the mouth but do no concrete act. 

Here are the testimonies of some victims.

Journalist: Dr Arol KETCH