Sunday, January 26, 2020

Alert: faecal matter seen in sachet water

The national consumer network of Cameroon invites the Minister of Commerce to end this activity which destroys the health of consumers.

A few years ago, a study by the Pasteur center in Yaoundé noted the improper quality of sachet water. Despite the warning, nothing has changed. This water from a dubious origin at a reasonable price of 50 FCFA is sold everywhere. At the expense of people's health. 


Indeed, “faecal matter has been found in some of these waters whose dubious quality is no longer to be demonstrated. Also that many consumers have already lost their lives through the consumption of whiskey in sachets ", denounces the National Consumers Network Cameroon (RNC) in a press release made public this Saturday, January 25, 2020. Nothing filters where this waste was found. 

RNC has been seized by many consumers who denounce the questionable quality of water in sachets and whiskey in sachets. These products are sold in our different cities throughout the national territory of the Republic of Cameroon.

However, the network recalls, the trade in sachet water as well as that of whiskey in sachet is strictly prohibited by the laws and regulations in force in Cameroon.Even if "it continues to prosper... at the risk of the health and life of consumers," says Francis Hervé Eyalla Saba, the National Executive Chairman of RNC. 

The network invites the Minister of Public Health, the Minister of Commerce ... to take responsibility. And to provide a holistic response with sanctions to this phenomenon which destroys the health of many consumers. 

“We think it may be lax but more of a lack of coordination of government action.Which is actually a thorny problem in our central administration. Such an action needs to unite the energies of all the administrations concerned. In short, a real punch operation over an average duration of 6 to 12 months. ” Explained Francis Hervé Eyalla Saba, last year in the columns of Community Barometer.