Saturday, January 25, 2020

African Prime Minister reportedly organizes murder of wife and remarries

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A state affair coupled with a crime of passion puts all of Lesotho in turmoil. At 80, the head of government, still a hot rabbit, was taken in pincers by two women for a First Lady's chair. And in the end, one is shot by the other - it is supposed - before fleeing.

The case dates back to June 2017. At the time, Thomas Thabane was just elected Prime Minister, Head of Government. The latter and his wife Lipolelo have been separated for several years and in the middle of a divorce procedure, while he already lives with his new partner, Maiesaiah. The two women engage in a legal battle to determine which of them will obtain the status of first lady. 

Justice decides in favor of Lipolelo to take the place of First Lady. Two days before her husband's investiture, she is shot to death in front of her home. Thomas and Maiesaiah Thabane married two months later. However, the police did not drop the case. 

In an affidavit sent to justice, police chief Holomo Molibeli accuses Thomas Thabane of being “involved” in the murder. Holomo Molibeli had sent the Prime Minister a letter dated December 23, 2019, where he provided an update on the investigation. He reported in particular on a telephone call located at the crime scene and made from Thomas Thabane's mobile phone.

In the wake of his report, the Prime Minister dismisses the chief of police from his duties by denouncing a wave of “police brutality” observed under his orders since October 2017. The chief of police refutes these charges and attributes his dismissal to the investigation into the assassination of Lipolelo Thabane. The Prime Minister's “response” was to fire me, ”he wrote in his affidavit. 

The First Lady fled while she was summoned to the police on January 10, 2020. An arrest warrant is issued against her. But, the First Lady Maiesaiah Thabane remains, for the time being, not found. 

The Prime Minister, whose mobile phone was located at the scene of the crime, announced last Friday that he would resign. "I have grown old and my forces are leaving me," he said, without commenting. on the investigations targeting him. The vice tightens. His political career is over. His retirement will certainly take place in prison.