Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Accused of embezzling 122 million, the former mayor of Ambam defends himself

Everything suggests that Mr. ElaEkoto (2007-2010) is the victim of a relentless prefect of the department of the valley of Ntem.

The hearing of January 14, 2020 at the Special Criminal Court (Tcs) in the case of the Municipality of Ambam, betrayed a kind of relentlessness against Mr. ElaEkoto Jolinon F. The facts indicate that in 2010, the former boss of the municipal executive was landed by the prefect of the valley of Ntem. It was following deliberations relating to the dismissal of the accused mayor in file 014 / G-TCS / 2020. The concerned person was put in difficulty following an investigation on the management of the annual forest royalty (Rfa) and many other charges falling under the competence of the municipality. 

That is, the total sum of 122,910,530 CFA francs, of which 41.525 million for Rfa, 40 million for fictitious works, 6.7 million for fictitious claims, 3 million for unjustified expenses and 23.5 million for related programs. Faced with these arguments supported by the Municipality of Ambam (Mindevel) and the Advocate General, the accused defends himself. His witness, named Kangne ​​Jean, financial expert and author of the first part of the report which incriminates the mayor, is formal: "no accounting document was produced during the audit on the management of the mayor", at least, from the time he was handling the file, shortly before the death of the named Biheck Fran├žois.

What is more, the latter had no knowledge of the technique of producing a financial audit, he maintains. Here, it should be noted that the witness also testified for the charge on April 19, 2019. Questioning According to the witness, the audit ordered related only to the years 2007-2008-2009. It takes into account the period which incriminates the mayor (ElaEkoto), the secretary general (Ndongo) and the municipal receiver (Minko Mi Nnanga Jean). The facts also indicate that the deposed mayor was not confronted with the act of accusation, that the district court of the locality could not provide documents incriminating and that only the program of securing forest receipts provided the documents of the file without accounting documents (allowing to establish the receipts and the expenses ). Besides, Mr. ElaEkoto,

Source: Emergence N ° 1600