Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A Nigerian man was arrested and detained for over 10 months for using an MTN sim card previously used and abandoned by president Buhari's daughter

How Omoyele Sowore met a man who was arrested for using sim card abadone by Buhari’s daughter in Dss custody....

Omoyele Sowore has exposed another inhuman treatment by the president Muhammadu Buhari's regime, family to an innocent Nigerian who he recently met while in the DSS custody in Abuja.

His name is Anthony Okolie, arrested and detained for over 10 weeks for buying and using a network Sim card, MTN, previously used and abandoned by the president' daughter, Hanan Buhari.

According to Intelligence report by Sahara Reporters, the telephone number was recycled by it network provider and put up for sale by the popular telecommunications network provider as is usually done.

Okolie is still in possession of the receipt he got when he purchased the SIM card.

Omoyele Sowore, owner of Sahara Reporters, claimed to have met with the victim, Okolie during his roughly detention in DSS custody, describing the incident as disturbing.

In a tweet, Sowore said “A Nigerian man, Anthony Okolie, was detained for 10 weeks for using an MTN phone line previously used and abandoned by President Buhari’s daughter, Hanan.”

Sowore’s co-defendant, Olawale Bakare known as Mandate, revealed that he had shared a cell with Okolie.

He said in a tweet, “Only if Nigerians know the level of lawlessness perpetrated by the DSS in the name of ‘order from above’, we will understand the danger of having a tyrant who has no iota of respect for human rights or dignity.

“The level of arrogance and confidence of the DSS to unlawfully detain innocent Nigerians is disgustingly obvious in their manner of operation and approach.

“Anthony Okolie who happened to be my cellmate at the DSS facility even got lucky to have spent only 10 weeks for committing no offence according to a Senior Intelligence Officer.

“Till now, no one, including Anthony, knows his offence.  He was only released after being told that “You’re now forgiven. I can also recall a man who spent four years for only receiving a phone call from a suspected Boko Haram terrorist.

“His property was sold by his siblings while his wife went ahead to remarry with their two children thinking that he was dead.”

Tope Akinyode, human rights lawyer while speaking with Sahara Reporters over the incident, said the situation was truly disturbing.

Tope said “This morning, I had a telephone conversation with Anthony Okolie over the incident. I was able to gather that the SIM card which led to his arrest was once used by Hanan, President Buhari’s daughter, but abandoned over two years ago.

“The SIM card became redundant and was recycled by MTN for sale. Okolie lawfully bought the SIM card after years of redundancy unknown to him who the previous owner was.

“He has the receipt for the purchase of the SIM card and all other documents pertaining to it. In arresting him, the DSS monitored his telephone conversation and initially arrested an elderly person who has a relationship with him until they later found Okolie himself.”

Tope Akinyode, human rights lawyer said he would file a suit against Hanan Buhari and SSS for human rights abuse.