Saturday, January 25, 2020

2020 elections: pro-Kamto prepare a well-arranged plan

The Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji, at a press conference held on Monday January 13, 2020, had warned MRC activists who decided to boycott the convocation of the Cameroonian electorate scheduled for February 9 2020.

Indeed, he promised them to involve the police if they ever tried to hinder the proper conduct of the elections. 

A bravado that did not leave marbles the activists of the MRC, who reacted to reframe the cacique of the Etoudi regime. 

The Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji addressed the opponents who were resistant to the holding of legislative and municipal elections in Cameroon in 2020. 

Addressed to these activists who propagate the boycott of the double ballot while the anglophone crisis is decimating the people of NOSO, the Minat had declared that the government was reserving terrible sanctions for the disturbers. 

They are free to participate or not to participate in an election. On the other hand, what is unacceptable and intolerable is to say for example that "I will not go to the elections and I will do everything to prevent other Cameroonians from exercising their right to vote on polling day (…)

The muscles of the state will get under way and any hint of disorder from anyone, regardless of social status, will be treated firmly and in accordance with the laws of the Republic '' he said. 

However, these threats do not seem to have had the expected effect at the level of MRC militants. 

Indeed, the latter maintain that the fact of calling for a boycott is a civil right which they do not intend to deprive themselves of. 

According to Fidèle Djoumbissie, lawyer at the Cameroon bar and MRC executive, Maurice Kamto's party just wants to play its role which is to awaken the populations of Cameroon, particularly with regard to the electoral code and the security situation in regions in crisis. 

"We have the right to campaign for the boycott because it is part of the political activity of a party," said the pro-kamto.

For this lawyer, an abstention from Cameroonians will give a signal to the regime in place, that the electoral system is in deficit that it does not function normally and that it should be reviewed to allow the Cameroonians to participate in the political activity of the country. 

However, he reassures the government of Yaoundé on one point: there will be no demonstration or protest movement on polling day. 

'' Let me be clear, we will not prevent anyone from going to vote today. Cameroonians will be free to follow us or follow the government and go to vote, '' he said.