Friday, January 24, 2020

2020 elections: Clement Atangana promises to fight electoral malpractices

The President of the Constitutional Council, Clement Atangana, declares that they are determined to fulfill their mission, which is to guarantee free and fair elections in the context of the 2020 election.

Clement Atangana made the statement in Yaoundé on January 14 while receiving New Year's greetings from close associates. 

"... the year 2020 is another electoral year, we are also preparing to ensure, with determination, the pursuit of the mission of ensuring the fairness of the ballot," said the President. 

According to him, the ceremony for the presentation of New Year's wishes is special because it allows members of the Constitutional Council to review what has been done and to project themselves into new horizons. 

"It is also a time of fraternity to strengthen our ties and help us face the challenges of the future. The presentation of New Year's wishes will also help me to set the course for the Council's projects for the year. in progress in particular and the years to come in general, "he added. 

He recalled that in 2019, the dynamism of the Constitutional Council was felt in the activities carried out in the various fields and the management of pre-electoral disputes during the legislative elections in particular. 

Regarding the construction of the Council headquarters, the President declared that the funds which will be made available will make it possible to do more.

Previously, the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court thanked the President and his staff for making 2019 a memorable year. He said 2019 was a busy year for the Council, which continued the arduous task of setting up its various services and carrying out its regular judicial functions. 

For him, the Constitutional Council, which guarantees the regularity of legislative elections, has demonstrated its legendary experience in pre-electoral disputes. 

During the examination of all the applications, the adversarial principle was applied, which allowed all the parties concerned to plead their case in complete transparency. 

"In addition, this much appreciated way of conducting procedures has confirmed the effectiveness in consolidating the rule of law and democracy in Cameroon," he said. 

The scribe of the Constitutional Court acknowledged that the working conditions of Council staff had improved considerably because the Council officials were equipped with more offices.