Saturday, January 25, 2020

2020 Elections : a black office plans against the CPDM

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The UDC, the SDF, the UPC, the ANDP, the MP, the PURS and the PCRN join their efforts to win the votes in the double ballot of February 9, 2020.

The Democratic Union of Cameroon (Udc) s' is allied with other opposition political parties in Wouri, as regards the battle for the survey of seats in town halls and in the National Assembly. 

The news, greeted by activists of this political party, was officially announced on January 17 at a press conference in Douala. For the municipal elections, for example, the party of Adamou Ndam Njoya joined forces, in the district of Douala 1st, with the National Alliance for Democracy and Progress (Andp) and with the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (Pcrn) . 

In Douala 6th, the Udc combines with the Andp. In Douala 2nd, it is with the Upc, the Sdf, Andp and Pcrn. In Douala 5th and Wouri East, the alliance is made with Pcrn and in Douala 4th and Wouri West, it will be with the People united for social renewal (Purs). In the context of the legislative elections, the Udc candidate is at the head of the list in Wouri center. Cyrille Sam Mbaka, vice-president of the party, will lead this coalition with the Progressive Movement (Mp) and the Pcrn. 

According to the latter, "it is a 100% winning coalition". A coalition which, according to the Honorable Tomaino Ndam Njoya, "allows, through the diversity of ethnic groups, to join forces, to learn from each other in order to achieve good governance". This working session allowed Udc members from different regions of the country to meet around the theme: "Mid-term of the convocation of the electorate". A negative assessment was thus drawn up concerning shortcomings observed in the organization of the double ballot by Elections Cameroon (Elecam). 

In this regard, correspondence will be transferred to them, we learned. "Elecam does not have the means to organize free and transparent elections," said the national secretary in his speech. “The real problem today is controlling the vote. And if we want peaceful elections, those who are used to cheating must step up because we are preparing ourselves so that there will be no cheating, through the training of our tellers and setting up a watch brigade, ”reveals Cyrille Sam MBaka. In addition, the latter calls for more vigilance. Regarding the North West and South West regions.

Source: Mutations