Wednesday, January 29, 2020

2020 Elections: Aminatou Ahidjo advises the populations to vote for RDPC

During a meeting organized yesterday, young people and women were invited to vote overwhelmingly on the lists of the Rpdc.

The women and young people of Garoua I will vote for the lists of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc) during the double ballot next February 9. Insurance given yesterday in Garoua, during a meeting organized by the vice-president of the national subcommission of communication and the vice-president of the departmental campaign commission Rdpc Bénoué-Ouest, Aminatou Ahidjo. 

For the activists of Garoua 1er, as well as for the organizer of this meeting, it is necessary to consolidate the achievements and accompany President Paul Biya to allow him to lead the country to the emergence. “We intend to vote the Rdpc because the President of the Republic has always been attentive to young people. He has set up many projects and is counting on us to implement them, ”said the youth representative, Boubakari Hamadou.

Aminatou Ahidjo presented the importance of voting in favor of the Rdpc lists. "The majority that the president seeks at the municipal level will result in more schools, roads, jobs for young people, emancipation for women, the modernization of agriculture and livestock", said she raised. The one that the people affectionately call "Yérima Cameroon" recommends the Rdpc lists because they "are full of candidates who shine by their civic and political commitment and combine youth and experience". Aminatou Ahidjo asked the women to be identified in order to contribute to the improvement of their living conditions and those of their offspring.