Wednesday, December 18, 2019

'We are still under the one-party system' - Nkou Mvondo

Professor Nkou Mvondo doubts the existence in fact of the multiparty system in Cameroon.

He maintains that even if multi-party systems are established in the texts, they are not applied in practice. It was in an interview with Abk Radio that he expressed. 

"If multipartyism exists in Cameroon on formal and informal levels, in reality, it is quite the opposite. We are still living the one-party system, ”he said.

Nkou Mvondo also specifies that there is no form of collaboration between his party and the ruling party. “There is no collaboration between the CPDM and the UNIVERS party. It is a social media error and I laugh about it. The electoral council would not have let the lists go by with the same names, if it had been proven that we were collaborating with the CPDM. In Doumaintang in the East, the UNIVERS party faces the CPDM ”, he maintains. Thus, he sweeps away with the back of his hand any idea of ​​collaboration. 

He also ensures that his political party will take part in all elections. “The UNIVERS party will be present in all the elections organized in Cameroon. We have to go to the front because, if we are on the fringes, it will be difficult to lead the fight and even to claim ”.