Saturday, December 14, 2019

'We are grateful to President Paul Biya for creating the BIR' Jean de Dieu Momo


What our enemies are planning against us has already happened around the year 432 BC. The democratic city of Athens, ruled by Pericles, was prosperous with its fleet and all its wealth. Its populations lived happily in opulence and in carefree. Their neighbor, The city-state of Sparta was a 100% military, belligerent and conquering state. She declared war on the city of Athens and despite the wisdom of Pericles who wanted to protect her city and avoid war, the "hawks" prevailed over the "doves" in the (national) assembly convened to decide whether you had to go to war or accept the unfavorable conditions of peace proposed by the invader. War broke out and despite the efforts and resistance of the populations of Athens, Sparta destroyed its fleet and Athens "collapsed"! 

This story gives us several lessons: 

1) Democracy, as it is imposed on us from the outside, must be protected by a strong army (and we are grateful to President Paul Biya for having created the BIR and endowed our country fiber optics). It must be strengthened and if necessary make military service compulsory from the age of 20. 

2) In each Democracy coexists both the extremist Hawks go to war and the Doves who want peace. The former obey their primitive impulses rather than their reason. But the manager must do everything to protect the general interest. 

3) strong powers use all kinds of trickery and force to subjugate less powerful states, including using certain people from these states to turn them against their own country. It is the demographic weapon when they finance the so-called human rights NGOs and certain journalists to dirty their country in order to facilitate their negotiation in leonine contracts. Sometimes better is a bad arrangement (including contracts favorable to their gluttony) than a war which will devastate everything.

4) When a state is rich like Cameroon, it has the greatest interest in being a beggar for peace to protect its population from predatory attacks and its wealth. It is therefore essential that the people be informed of international geopolitical realities to protect their country themselves by making the bulwark of their body against international predators if necessary. 

5) it is a necessity to protect the State and the populations against all odds and against all, including against those who endanger social cohesion in order to preserve the whole and ensure harmony. 

6) peace is the greatest wealth of a people and the example of Libya is still present in our memories to warn us not to listen to those of predators who have only the word human right on the mouth like the crow and the fox about the cheese. 

7) It is when war breaks out as in the NOSO that some people realize that they lived in an earthly paradise without knowing it by eating gluttonous mouths do you want it! 

# Fo'o Dzakeutonpoug