Saturday, December 28, 2019

US pressure: 'separatists are right to reject special status' Herman Cohen

Herman Cohen, former American Under-Secretary of State for African Affairs, believes that "the English-speaking separatists in Cameroon are right to reject the special status" unilaterally granted by the Cameroonian Parliament.

For a definitive exit from the crisis in North-West and South-West Cameroon (NOSO), Herman Cohen, suggests on his twitter account "an immediate cease-fire, and the start of transparent negotiations leading to a real self-determination for the English-speaking people ”.

Herman Cohen said last Tuesday on the web that the English-speaking separatists are right to oppose the special status of the English-speaking regions initiated by Paul Biya to overcome the English-speaking crisis. 

The United States is increasing the pressure on the Yaoundé regime. Donald Trump's country has called for "real dialogue" and a "transfer of power" to the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, pointing to the ineffectiveness of the military option favored by the government in the current crisis. An exit that happened after the announcement of Cameroon's withdrawal from AGOA.

An American injunction which arrived after the holding of a great national dialogue convened by Paul Biya. This dialogue had already come under heavy criticism, both in form and in substance. In the absence of the separatist leaders, many observers had already underlined the ineffectiveness of the recommendations which would result from it.

The under-secretary in charge of Africa at the American State Department, Tibor Nagy, for his part estimated that the advisers of Cameroonian President Paul Biya led him on a bad track by dangling him a military victory against the separatists.