Thursday, December 19, 2019

Two young girls reportedly Killed by secessionists on Thursday in Ekona

Two girls working for the company Supermont were killed this Thursday morning in Ekona in the Southwest.

Concordant sources say the attack occurred "when the two victims and others came to work this morning with a military escort". 

"Secessionist fighters from the Ambazonia attacked the vehicle along the Ekona-Buea road due to the presence of the soldiers ... the girls were fatally shot in the crossfire", clarified the sources. 

The four soldiers who protected civilians could not contain the assault of the secessionists.

Six workers were also reported injured by gunshot wounds, three of which were in critical condition. 

The latest news is that the two girls' lifeless bodies are currently in Supermont, Mile 2. 9, waiting to be dropped off at the Buea morgue.