Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Two 'powerful' Anglophones blow cold and hot on Etoudi

Looking closely at the little carousel that is happening in Yaoundé and in the South Center, one wonders if a duo of Anglophones is not doing the law in Yaoundé. A situation that is not unrelated to what is happening in the northwest and southwest of Cameroon which originate Dion Nguté and Atanga Nji, because it is these two characters that it is. The first, more serene and full of tacts is poles apart from the second which is rather boiling and flamboyant. But the two form can be a duo of musketeers who never appear together in public but whose actions have the merit of relegating the false elites of the South Center to an order of submission. Let's try to illustrate our words with some examples.

Dion Nguté will: 

Prohibit the various ministers of the republic from traveling abroad. A decision that shelters them from the BAS but is considered by the elites of the South and the center as discriminatory because it is they who used to go and spend the money from Cameroon in the shops of Paris. 

go down to the NOSO to announce to Anglophone Cameroonians that there will be a dialogue to end the war room while all the elites of the South and the CPDM swore by the eradication of Anglophones on television sets. So the end is the time when Famé Ndongo, playing Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior at the same time, went down to the NOSO to ignite the situation. Today this poor creature is relegated to the functions of host of the reception of the head of state when returning from his private stays. Even if he seems to like this role, we learn that he is a little bored because the president has only been released twice since the holdup. 

Organize the dialogue personally in Yaoundé, with exclusive management of the corruption fund of the cause. Never seen in the seraglio. The Ndongo, Owona, Guinni, Nvondo etc., after having fought the idea of ​​the dialogue, will be relegated to the ranks of the extras of the evening of Gala. A role that he will appreciate anyway because the party is sacred. 

Launch fundraising for NOSO reconstruction. An operation that he intends to personally supervise, that is to say, to shelter from the great vultures and divers of the regime that abound in Yaoundé. He does not want to see a similar operation to the CAN.


Atanga Nji, meanwhile, a little bubbling, inspired by the panoply of repressive measures that has endowed his mentor, Paul Biya, to subdue the members of the MRC, will take the opportunity to brutalize in its way the people of the South: 

The worthy sons of the Center and the South are now forbidden to question the misery of their fellow citizens in the region and even other regions. They are even forbidden to go to their native village or even to organize any public or private ceremony there. This is unheard of for the people of the South. 

Atanga Nji, in an inspiration that borders on a national conspiracy, because many do not admit that he is responsible for such a vicious act, has formalized the absolute right to the South youth (we can mention the cases of Sangmélima and Ebolowa) to express his barbarism and his violence, with the supreme bonus of conciliation the job of Mototaxi. A freedom of action that would have forgotten the small differences in favor that the young Southern Minister former Minister Mebe Ngo. 

Atanga Nji, still under the pretext of massacring the MRC, had already arrested and imprisoned the Beti chief, who was highly respected by his subjects, in conditions that left all the peoples of the South speechless. I always remember the comment of a housewife at the Bankomo market on the day of the arrest of Her Majesty Biloa Effa. She just wondered, "Where are we going with all this, like that?".

The last act is the most spectacular because on Friday, December 06, 2019, his Majesty Paul Marie Biloa Effa, still him, will be dismissed from his duties as traditional chief of 3rd degree Messa Nkoba'a district by Atanga Nji (this- even there who put him in prison). In other words Mr Atanga Nji, the English speaker, the convict of justice, just explained to all the notables integrity of the Center and the South that it is he who is now the head of all the leaders of the Center and the South. I'm shocked! jeeeeuuuuuuuuh, I'm speechless! And I'm not the only one because it seems that at the announcement of this news, even the "N'nom-Gui" would have clung to his seat in Etoudi, crying: "Ekie!, The little troublemaker "There are no dead hands." 

Etc ... 

In view of all these facts mentioned above and knowing the massacre and genocide that the Yaoundé regime is operating in the North-West and South-West, it can be deduced that this duo is in a mission ordered to double-edged Their actions, although incomparable and rather opposite, can be interpreted only from two angles of the same prism.

They would act to grant moral support to the action of the genocidaires in the NOSO of the regime. In other words, it is these two Anglophones who are at the helm of the massacre of the English speakers. 

At the same time, they would rather act in a related mission, vengeful, to make the genocidaires pay their arrogance and cynicism, to the point of putting the South Center in a position of quasi-secessionism.

In short, if the number 1 of the ministers, Mr Nguté, acts with all the tact and respect of a convinced Republican, which many Cameroonians appreciate elsewhere, the Minat meanwhile, flanked by his reputation as a terrible child from the government, squarely despises the Ekang (bulu, Ewondo and Beti) by walking on the traditional principles of these regions. This minister who deals exclusively with elections has taken the lead, under the pretext of subduing the MRC, to consider the South Center as a band of savages with no tradition, no hierarchy and no organization that he can handle. to ridicule as he pleases by granting them rights to barbarism. 

Finally, if we fervently encourage the actions of the number one Minister, Mr Nguté, it is absolutely imperative to stop the maneuvers of this troublemaker Minat Anglophone who is injecting a very dangerous poison in the South Center . And I am very happy to see that there is unanimity in the condemnation of this shabby Minat and I am particularly because the worthy sons of the South are really at the forefront of this denunciation. 

I will not go back to the legendary rants of Mr. Ango who has this natural capacity of indignation that we know him to describe these surreal situations but I prefer to stop on this reflection of Dieudonné Essomba because the time is serious "This is proof that, as we say," we ate raw potatoes because they let themselves eat. We can not eat the macabo! »».

Source: cameroonvoice.com