Saturday, December 21, 2019

Trump's Impeachment: Paul Biya delighted

Donald Trump, the world President is a stone in the shoe of Paul Biya.

The impeachment trial of the American President that the House of Representatives has just voted in will certainly temper the desire for interference that the Americans harbor with regard to Cameroon. 

While the trial for the dismissal of Donald Trump voted by the House of Representatives is making waves and arousing a lot of tension within the American political class, in Cameroon, even if we take care not to post it, it is rather a feeling of relief that animates each other in relation to this "good news". It is an open secret, Cameroon is the object of lust and harassment because of the richness of its basement. 

The reason for this posture that no one could describe as cynical is to be found in the pressure that the USA exerts on Cameroon over the Anglophone crisis. In Yaoundé, we are rubbing our hands for this timely trial, which can very opportunely stop Trump's bitterness, or at least reduce it. 

For the salvation of Cameroon, the patriots and the republicans, alluding to Nicolas Sarkozy, hope that history will repeat itself. After Libya and Ivory Coast, Cameroon figured in the agenda of the former French president.

Fortunately he will leave power before having completed the last point of his fatal agenda. Similarly, in Yaoundé it is hoped that Donald Trump, who is suspected of pulling the strings of the English-speaking crisis, will be deposed and replaced by a statesman much more pleasant vis-à-vis Cameroon. 

Even if the earthy President of the United States were to escape the impeachment sentence, Cameroon is hoped, will have the chance to breathe, the time of the trial will last, and will be able to take advantage to turn the tide and change the given. 

For the record, it should be recalled that the country of Uncle Sam to whom we lend not without reason the desire to conquer Cameroonian territory because of the richness of its subsoil, has taken up the cause of the separatism movement. Recently the headliners of this movement were officially received by the US Secretary of State for African Affairs Tibor Naguy. That says it all!