Tuesday, December 31, 2019

'Those who support Biya in public complain about him in secret'

The clergyman still continues to affirm that the President of the Republic was not going to seek another mandate. "If I were Biya, I was not going to stand for re-election even if my party wanted it," reiterates Christian Tumi. "Those who support Biya in public complain about him in secret," he says.

Improving the security climate in the North West and South West 

"The situation has changed in the English-speaking regions," says Christian Tumi. He proves this statement by the fact that people are starting to return. 

Secessionist fighters are starting to get discouraged. “Young people in the North West and South West have been deceived. Why were they deceived? Because the diaspora told them that the United Nations will intervene! And that they will have wages in the bush of 80,000 per month. I invite you to read the last pastoral letter from the bishops of Bamenda. In this letter, the bishops said that not everything that the diaspora promised young people had even happened, ”reveals the Prelate. 

“What pushes young people out of the forest is that: First, they no longer have to eat. Secondly, a group has already lost two members due to illness, ”explains the man of God. 

“I have a few here and the Prime Minister is aware of it. Because we were involved the bishop of Mange and myself. There are 29 in Boyo who want to come to Douala, there are 15 in Ndop play who want to come. They trust us that is why I believe that the State involved us in this ... As I speak with you there are 4 here ... ", adds Christian Tumi.

About the special statute adopted by the parliament 

"I am not satisfied with the content of the special statute," said the Archbishop. 

Christian Tumi remains favorable for the federation as well as for governance. "Federalism is the solution," says the man of God. "We had the impression that the objective was to assimilate Anglophones with the abolition of federalism in 1972," he adds. "69% of English speakers want the independence of their territory," he continues. 

The Cardinal indexes the republican army 

According to Archbishop Emeritus, the army kills more than the secessionists. The soldiers must return to barracks and the secessionists must lay down their arms, thinks the Coordinator of the ALL Anglophone Conference.

The doubt of Christian Tumi on the holding of local elections next February. 

The North West is not yet fully pacified, but uncertainties continue to hang over the holding of elections in the NOSO regions. The Cardinal leaves the skeptics. "I doubt that the elections of February 09 can be held in peace in the English-speaking regions," he said during the program "The Truth in the Face". "I have never attended a transparent election in Cameroon," admits the Prelate. 

Paul Biya's annual donation to the Cameroonian Episcopate 

The Head of State, former seminarian, Catholic Christian each year offers money to members of the local Episcopate. "Each year we receive gifts from Paul Biya: 1 million for bishops, 1.5 to two million for archbishops, 3 million for the cardinal," said Christian Tumi on Equinoxe TV.

Source: Lebledparle.com