Friday, December 20, 2019

This is the plan of the international community against the Bamileke and the Anglophons

The genocide of the English-speaking and Bamileke populations is preparing in Cameroon


While the regime has made an air of tribal hatred with its constitutional provision of 1996 on indigenous and non-indigenous people, and it is persisting with its bill on decentralization which, in defiance of citizenship, reserves the post of mayor of city to the only  natives, in a certain opinion all this freed the spirits.

Thus, the calls for the genocide of the Bamileke are as much assumed by intellectuals "uninhibited" on television sets as by ordinary citizens on social networks (video below).

The regime of Mr. Biya and all those who animate it (security officials, administrative officials, magistrates etc.) must realize that they have by their thirst for power for some and careerism for others set the scene for 'a genocide of which they will  all and individually accountable before history.

The international community, and in particular the powers which still support the Biya regime despite its multiple excesses, and in particular its institutionalization of tribal hatred and of the Bamileke in particular, cannot claim that it was unaware of the genocidal project of the dictatorship by M  BIYA.

From all points of view, the situation in Cameroon today resembles that of Rwanda in 1994. All the indicators that a genocide is brewing are there (killings of the English-speaking populations since 2016, burned villages, bill on the decentralization ostracism  in the administrations etc, certain powers, and precisely France whose role remains however in debate in the occurrence of the Rwandan genocide, maintain, against all logic both geostrategic and political, maintain their support for the Biya regime in place for almost 40 years.

From now on, their moral and political responsibility is engaged in all that Mr. BIYA, aged almost 90 years, will undertake more against the Cameroonian people.

 Journalist: Valdo BIWOLE