Thursday, December 19, 2019

This is how a Young cameroonian Mekinda Ngoyanga Boris was killed by his uncle

The horrible drama occurs the night of December 15 to 16, 2019 in the immense forest that surrounds the village Mbell. The young Mekinda Ngoyanga Boris was murdered by his uncle Mpianga Merlin. In fact, everything begins on December 10 when the young Boris, 27, who lives in Mbell, goes to his uncle Merlin (reputedly a great hunter in the area) who lives in Mbang village (the two villages are separated by about two kilometers) and asked him for a hunting party because he had to go to his second wife's family. The great hunter will give his endorsement to his nephew on the sole condition of accompanying him in the forest so that he can play the role of carrier. The appointment is made for Sunday, December 15, 2019. And it was around noon this Sunday that the two men left the village aboard the brand new Wolf motorcycle from Boris. But on Monday December 16, 2019, Merlin Mpianga aboard Boris's motorcycle finds himself in the village Mvada (located more than 50 kilometers from Mbell) on the Nguelmendouka - Yaoundé axis, with Samuel Tsigue one of his very close friends. While requesting asylum to his friend; he confides in the latter under the version that he had an accident in the forest during a hunting party he awkwardly killed his companion.
Samuel Tsigue will not hesitate to offer hospitality to his murderous friend. While the assassin is resting, Samuel Tsigue takes the opportunity to seize by telephone the gendarmerie brigade of Nguelmendouka whose elements will come to arrest Merlin. A descent to the accident site allowed the gendarmes to discover the lifeless body of the victim lying in the blood with a chest crushed by pellets. The portal for Cameroonians in Belgium (@ Discreetly questioned on the move about his act, the murderer remained silent. The murderer is currently in a cell of the Nguelmendouka gendarmerie brigade while waiting to be presented to the public prosecutor in Abong Mbang so that he can answer for his actions. The investigation is continuing to elucidate the causes and the exact circumstances of this tragedy.

According to our sources well introduced to the gendarmerie brigade of Nguelmendouka, the alleged murderer has confessed but he refuses to give the gendarmes the murder weapon which he hid after committing his crime. According to our sources, Merlin Mpianga is a repeat offender, he is on his third assassination because in 2005 he had already, during a hunting party in the Ebah village, killed Govinal Mabé a hunter with whom he teamed, in 2011 he was accused of having murdered a Bororo breeder and buried his body in a termite hill.

The Mbell village buries its only economic operator (because Boris was the owner of the only grocery store in the village or even of the country, he was also the owner of the only generator that allowed local residents to charge the batteries of mobile phones, and an arsenal of music which animated the various festivals and the mournings). Mekinda Ngoyanga Boris was married to two women and father of seven children. Mbell is a locality located in the district of Nguelemendouka.