Monday, December 16, 2019

These Secrets Of Paul Atanga Nji Success You Need To Know

In the current government of Cameroon, there are ministers, there is Paul Atanga Nji. Minister of Territorial Administration, Minat. Like President Paul Biya, he does what he says, and says what he does. Since March 2017 when he arrived at Minat, Paul Atanga Nji has "surpassed people". He has a work rhythm “100 an hour… always in search of good results for the influence of the State”. Loyal, efficient, tireless worker, everything is said by Atanga Nji: “It does not work but it short ; you walk with Atanga Nji you must be well and simply put on and ready to run even; to work with Atanga Nji is to work with fire; for Atanga Nji the results or nothing; not bad words but actions with Atanga Nji; Atanga Nji the fool of Paul Biya; Atanga Nji crushing machine by Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Atanga Nji fire; Atanga Nji sold him; Atanga Nji has sold his sleep and never sleeps; Atanga Nji stops everywhere he goes we don't know what; Atanga Nji moves forward but never backs up; Atanga Nji straight to the point; Atanga Nji scolds all the heads of land… Atanga Nji… Atanga Nji… Atanga Nji… ”. The name of the Minat appears in all conversations, and is eaten in all sauces.

Action, no time to waste 

One of the highlights of the Minister of Territorial Administration is his willingness to act quickly to settle a situation. When public order is threatened, for example, Paul Atanga Nji has no time to lose. He operates his entire system, holds meetings, requests the advice of his senior management, and acts. For him, "time is money", it is necessary to act quickly and quickly, before it is late. Paul Atanga Nji goes to the basics. "He is dry and uses dry terms to translate his thought and what he intends to do and he acts on time ... If you are slow you will find that Atanga Nji arrived at the place of the event before you", notes a Governor of the Regions. At all its meetings, remarks a prefect, "The Minat asks everyone to go straight to the point and formulate the proposals ... That it has not come to listen to long speeches". Paul Atanga Nji is therefore a minister who moves everything in his path, with the sole concern of the results. 

Courageous, efficient, realistic, loyal 

Needless to mention the events where the exits of the Minat Paul Atanga Nji “boomed”. The son of Mezam never borrows a dozen to solve his problems. This is where it is called "straight to the point". For him, the country is under threat, action must be taken. Very courageous he does not shy away from anything. The state is threatened, it must be defended, by closing your ears to everything that is said in the sub-districts. Sometimes the words of Paul Atanga Nji seemed to disturb. But in the government he serves, he has the honorable mention, for service well rendered. It has happened that he anticipated everything before receiving other directions. Paul Atanga Nji is realistic. 

The rage to have the results has already haunted him. In his head there are two things that worry him: the serenity of Cameroon and President Paul Biya. And he is not ready to give in to any pressure, wherever it comes from.

Fear of Atanga Nji 

For the sub-prefects, prefects and governors encountered during our surveys, "You have to have strong nerves to work with Atanga Niji". His working method can be summed up in results: "Do not want there to be a situation that disturbs public order in your administrative unit ... The Minat will call you a thousand times until the expected result is not there ... Is does he even sleep? Even at 2 am Atanga Nji calls you on the phone… ”, explains a sub-prefect. A prefect will never forget the snag that his minister applied to him at one o'clock in the morning on a Saturday: "But Mr. Prefect ... you no longer have my phone number?" I call you from there to have the situation at home !! You sleep ? Does a prefect sleep? If you do not want to work I inform the head of state he replaces you ...! ". 

Mister everyone 

At the end of a ceremony which brought together the ministers, Paul Atanga Nji is still the last to leave the premises. "The other day at the Palais des Congrès in Yaoundé, relates a journalist, everyone left except Atanga Nji ... He spoke with journalists, northern artists who hit the drums, dance groups ... C ' is a terrible guy! And talk about everything with you !! ". For Paul Atanga Nji, it is all that to be minister, and especially minister of the territorial administration. Listening, and being up to date. Those who spend and therefore waste their time listing what they call Atanga Nji's blows are tapping into the void. The Minat is in its corridor and plays its role well. The one who notes and appreciates his work is President Paul Biya. And not the street, the hawkers of fake news.

Source: Realities Plus