Friday, December 27, 2019

The untold reasons behind Kamto's meeting in Paris

As an observer serving those who govern us, I note several things in relation to this meeting of President KAMTO with the diaspora in Paris. First the date. This meeting is scheduled seven days before the February 9 polling day. Is it a coincidence. No ! We are there in the middle of an electoral campaign in Cameroon and the news before and after this meeting will revolve around KAMTO. The communication of the Mrc prefers to wait for the right moment to reveal the content which is however already stopped.

Second, the place. Paris is undoubtedly the French-speaking capital, in addition the French executive seems for the moment very unenthusiastic about the idea of ​​KAMTO president of the republic of Cameroon. Such a meeting if it had even been able to take place in Cameroon could not benefit from such great media coverage. 

Third, the actors. This meeting is open to other international actors concerned with remaking the Cameroonian political landscape. The latter will have the following advantages of arguments to bend the last supporters of the regime in Cameroon. Indeed macron will see his position in relation to Cameroon very fragile and especially unpopular. 

Fourth, the size of the meeting. We are talking about a giga-meeting. Cameroonians will leave from around the world to join this unprecedented event. Even other African diaspora will take the opportunity to come and express their grievances against African leaders. The unsaid of the meeting in Paris:

1- it is for the consecration of Maurice KAMTO as an African icon of the emancipation of peoples. 

2- it is the isolation of the yaoundé regime in its management of the anglophone problem. It will be very striking to see the Anglophone and Francophone peoples all together denouncing the situation in Noso and the solutions brought to date.