Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The nice joke of Maurice Kamto to 'France'

After the announcement of the withdrawal by Kamto on the participation of the MRC in the next local elections, it is the motion arm in the opposition and the regime. Everything suggests that Maurice Kamto would have kicked his feet in the anthill.

The Anglophone crisis 

Since the convocation of the electorate and the departure of Paul Biya for the Paris summit on peace, a blackout has settled on the crisis in the Noso. While the media announced the presence of 180 French soldiers officially coming in for military exercises, the Cameroonian army reinforced its presence in Lebialem. The unacknowledged goal of the regime was to forget the Noso for three months with the electoral campaign and post-election disputes. During this time will pass over the genocide in Southern Cameroon. 

By refusing to go to the elections, Kamto has put the Anglophone crisis back at the center of the debate, which has given rise to new revelations, particularly concerning the number of civilians killed since the beginning of the war.

Instead of 3000 dead, the figures of 12 000 are now mentioned, a member of the government, the Commonwealth Minister acknowledged that more than 750 soldiers have been killed since the beginning of the crisis. By asking Tibor Nagy a few days ago to give Paul Biya a little more time to finish the war in the Noso, Mr Mbayu, a Commonwealth minister, hoped to distract international opinion with the elections and to genocide the English speakers with the support of France. 

Marginalize the RCM and remove the phrase "President Elect" 

Monday, November 25, 2019, when Maurice Kamto is announced at a press conference no one imagined what he will launch as a bomb. Since the convocation of the electoral body, the administrative authorities, sub-prefects, mayors and prosecutors announced the colors on what will come out of the polls on February 9th.

If there is a phrase that made Paul Biya's courtiers tremble, it was "the elected president." You can criticize everything and challenge Paul Biya, but not his legitimacy because more than anything, he loves power. so much he holds that he is capable of anything to maintain himself. 

While MRC candidates were struggling to get their record-writing documents signed, coalitions within the opposition were fighting for the RCN, according to their own words. A high-level cadre of the PCRN has admitted to Radio Balafon recruiting young people with the aim of fighting the MRC and not the CPDM. 

The trap against Maurice Kamto 

An anonymous source who has been part of this coalition has made sensational revelations about the strategy put in place against the MRC. Paul Biya plays big with this election, the regime would have bet on corruption. "Practicing everyone has been bought including within the MRC, civil society, academics, activists, media and opponents are being used to forever kill the party of rebirth. "Explains our source before continuing" the results of these elections we already know, the party of Cabral 08 deputies against 32 for the SDF and 05 for the MRC to whom we would give 03 deputies in the West and 02 in the littoral including Douala 5th, stronghold of Bamileke to pass the party of Maurice Kamto from the second to the fourth political force being supported only by the Bamileke "specifies our source. 

By refusing to go to the elections, the MRC thus puts in difficulty the SDF, the PCRN and other traitors, hence the reaction on radio balafon of a Cabral party executive when he says: "the withdrawal of the MRC has was a very bad news " 

The MRC would be the only political party to challenge the results and during this time the media will be focused on the crisis that will be born within the MRC because of the infiltrators.

Source: Cameroonliberty.com