Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Succession of Paul Biya: Macron wary of Kamto

Will there be genocide in Cameroon or not? The question no longer arises, since in the English-speaking regions, the genocide has started. The soldiers got used to killing the father and the mother in front of the petrified children, to rape the woman in front of the beaten husband, to kill the baby who sleeps after having crushed their butts on the breasts of the mother. They got used to burning the house with its inhabitants, and to see flaming monsters come out to dance the dance of fire before collapsing in comical positions, twisted in pain.

France at the helm 

The soldiers are used to avenging their murdered comrades, cutting off the heads and the sexes of innocent young people, as if to serve as a lesson to a hostile community. After making the young girls crawl down the sewers, they tore their clothes and cleaned them with a jet of water, before raping them in a group, so that it would serve as a lesson. 

And it is believed that they will find it difficult to cross Mbouda to carry the correction among the hypocritical and invading Bamileke? No. They await the order of France. 

The French trained animals instead of soldiers. They administered the prisons and laid down the principles for them. What is perpetuated is the French vision of Africa in Cameroon. As surprising as it may seem, France has no component in C2D (these projects funded by French astronomical profits at the time of the devaluation of the FCFA), no component for improving conditions in prisons. And this, despite their technical advisers in large numbers to the Ministries of Justice and the Interior! 

The debate today is whether a new genocide will reach the Bamileke and set Cameroon on fire. Kamto thinks not, and that the regime will collapse through weak internal pressure and strong international pressure. Normal, for a genius of Law. But if he was wrong ???

An objective and central truth, without which we will understand nothing that is happening at the moment: France cannot survive in its current economic configuration if it loses Cameroon. To lose Cameroon is to see the emergence of a government turned towards the interests of the country, because that would mean the fall of the French Empire. Does Kamto have a real idea of ​​the violence that France is ready to deploy to block his path? To remove Gbagbo, they bombed the Ivorian presidency without a UN mandate! Nearly 3,000 dead in an all-out conflict to oust a president, however francophile, but who had inclinations of independence and obeyed too slowly ... The presence of a patriot at the head of Cameroon would immediately give unprecedented economic openings to the most dynamic people of the country, which would lead to a rapid conquest of space French-speaking, and the invasion of the French economic space. Indeed, in bilateral trade measures, there are principles of reciprocity which Cameroonian companies cannot benefit today for reasons of industrialization deficit. But if tomorrow cars or motorcycles were manufactured in Cameroon and exported to France, the situation would change completely and suddenly. Obviously, there would be no more CFA franc, and France would be forced to work more, like the Germans and other Europeans, which would de facto destroy its social structures based on vacations and the omnipotence of the unions, and would lead to a great social revolt. In comparison to this, the crisis of yellow vests would be a parade of a kindergarten of good children and good family. 

Kamto has not given enough guarantees to France 

France has not received enough guarantees from Kamto so far, and she will do everything to keep him in prison. Contrary to appearances, the young president Macron is much more interventionist than his predecessors: it is enough to see the coup he attempted in the DRC by going to the UN to seek coverage to 'restore' the result of the elections. We are facing a violent and contemptuous French government, ready to take significant risks, and which is aware that it is playing its historic survival and the future of a great nation. France today does not have the intellectual resources to calmly envisage a new economic model which is not based on the savage exploitation of African countries. 

Faced with this challenge, the image of Vietnam proposed by Tibor Nagy, the American Secretary of State for Africa, becomes striking and very telling. The battle could be tough.