Friday, December 13, 2019

Special Session: Opening Address By the President Of The National Assembly Of Cameroon, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril

Mr. President of the Senate;
Prime Minister, Head of Government;
Mr. President of the Constitutional Council;
 Mr. First President of the Supreme Court;
The Attorney General at the said Court;
Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the Government;
Excellencies Ladies and Gentlemen Ambassadors and Representatives of International Organizations;
Honorable Members and Colleagues;
Distinguished member of the Civil Society;
Dear guests;
Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen;
No sooner had we concluded our deliberations on behalf of the 3rd regular session of the 2019 legislative year, the circumstances now require us to meet once again this morning for a special session of this House, on request. of the President of the Republic. I would like, and as the usages require, to wish you a warm welcome to the National Assembly.

- Excellencies, 
- Honorable Members, 
- Ladies and Gentlemen.

In accordance with Article 16 paragraph 3 of the Constitution, the National Assembly meets in extraordinary session for a maximum of fifteen days, on a specific agenda. The present session deals with the General Code of Decentralized Territorial Communities.

All of us are aware of the importance of the issue of decentralization in Cameroon today. There is no doubt that the project we are called upon to examine will come to devote a process that the authorities have been conducting for some time, under the personal impetus of the Head of State, His Excellency Monsieur Paul BIYA.
Honorable Members, Dear colleagues, I urge you to take a serious and responsible stand on this project. Remember, we are at a turning point in the life of our nation. You must print your mark so that posterity will remember you as those Members of the 9th legislature who gave the last boost to the process of decentralization in Cameroon.

With that, I declare open the proceedings of the extraordinary session of December 2019 of our Chamber.

- Long live the National Assembly, 
- Long live Cameroon and its illustrious Chief, His Excellency Monsieur Paul BIYA, President of the Republic, Head of State.

Thank you.