Monday, December 16, 2019

Sparrowhawk: The State Says no to Basile Atangana Kouna Request to Return the Money he Stole from Camwater

The former Minister of Water and Energy proposed to return the sum for which he is being sued to the Treasury.

In one of our recent publications, we were talking about the Basile Atangana Kouna case. A case which is judged at the Special Criminal Court (Tcs). We reported that during the first hearing of his case, the former Minister of Water and Energy (Minee) through the voice of his lawyers, indicated that he wished to reimburse all the funds for which he is put on trial before the Tcs. For this he asked to benefit from a partial unblocking of his bank accounts. Let us specify that it is a little more than 1 billion F which was withdrawn from Cameroon water and utilities (Camwater). 

The lawyer for the State of Cameroon asked the court to refuse this request from the former member of the government in question. As a civil party in this case, he declared "we cannot use the detention of public property which the investigating judge presumed to be unlawful and asked the court to have the accused removed from the cracks of justice" . And the state council suggested that the judges rule on the request when the final verdict is delivered.

Speaking at the first hearing, the prosecutor requested a referral to prepare his reply on the grievance of the former minister. However, he hoped that Mr. Atangana Kouna's counsel would first provide proof of the seizures of assets and blockages of the alleged accounts, stating that he did not contest their effectiveness. The hearing will continue tomorrow December 17, 2019.