Saturday, December 21, 2019

Security: Cameroon's government has just taken steps to buy the Russian missiles

Cameroon has just taken steps to acquire sophisticated attack and defense equipment from Moscow. Officially, the arsenal will be used to fight against the Boko Haram sect. This new weaponry could also be used against secessionists in the English-speaking regions of the Southwest and the North West.

The revelation is from HE Mahamat Puba Sale, the Cameroonian ambassador to Russia: “Cameroon is considering buying the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft system. Cameroon wants to acquire Russian military equipment, in particular the short-to-medium anti-aircraft vehicle Pantsir-S1 ", recently expressed the Cameroonian plenipotentiary whose government plans to acquire a new military arsenal against the Boko terrorists Haram active in the Far North region. The announcement of HE Mahamat Puba Sale came a few days before the Russia-Africa summit in Sochi was held between Russian President Vladimir Putin and around 40 Heads of State and African delegations. 

The Yaoundé initiative succeeds that of neighboring Nigeria, the breeding ground for the jihadist Islamist sect Boko Haram. The Nigerian ambassador to Russia had expressed his country's interest in Russian weapons and military technology to fight the Boko Haram terrorists, in particular concerning SU-57 fighter planes, as well as helicopters, tanks and naval military equipment. According to the diplomat, the Cameroonian government is interested in armored vehicles and helicopters in its fight against Boko Haram, which "installs mines on the military routes. In the event that the vehicle is not armored, people are lost, ”explains HE Mahamat Puba Sale once again. 

However, the Ambassador indicates that the purchase of Pantsir systems has not yet been decided, but should indeed take place. Mahamat Paba Salé also praised the quality of Russian military equipment. Tests carried out on a new version of the Pantsir anti-aircraft vehicle have also proved conclusive.

Commissioned by the Russian army since 2010, the Pantsir-S1 system (NATO code: SA-22 Greyhound) is armed with two 30 mm twin-barrel cannons capable of firing 5,000 projectiles per minute and 12 missiles with a range of 20 km. Designed to protect civil and military sites, including the S-300 Favorit and S-400 Triumf surface-to-air systems, it is equipped with target detection and tracking radars and can carry out precision fire in motion. The system is capable of countering air attacks by existing and future means, but also destroying lightly armored vehicles and ships. The system can destroy any target flying between five meters and 15 km in altitude, whether it be an airplane or a guided bomb. Besides Russia, the armies of Algeria, Iran, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Syria.

The rapprochement between Moscow and Yaoundé comes at a time when the country of Vladimir Putin is making a tempting offer to rebuild the National Refinery Company (Sonara) hit by a serious fire that devastated part of its facilities.