Monday, December 2, 2019

Scam: Mayor of Bafang expected in Kondengui soon for fraud

Kondengui Central Prison, Yaoundé
Tchoula Motho Roger may have his candidacy for the municipal elections of February 09 canceled.

Prosecuted for fraud near the tribunal Center-administrative Yaounde, the 1st deputy mayor of the municipality of Bafang may see his candidacy for municipal 9 February canceled.

According to the confidences that filter from the Court of First Instance, Yaounde - Administrative Center, Tchoula Motho Roger, President Rdapc section of Bafang -Centre could be sentenced in the coming days for "issuance of NSF check". During a hearing held on November 15, 2019 and entitled "Dongo Jean Marie case against Tchoula Motho Roger", we learned that the deputy mayor of the commune of Bafang is drowned in a scandal of check without funds, of an amount of 15,500,000 (fifteen million five hundred thousand) Fcfa. A big scam affair. Anything that is ridiculous for a local elected official. "If we were not in a serious country, Choula should be relieved of his duties. A dishonest person can not speak on behalf of the people. 

Indeed, the case began in 2012 when Tchoula Motho Roger is approaching Jean Marie Dongo, his friend to seek a loan of 15 million to achieve a market he had just won. According to testimony gleaned from the administrative court of Yaoundé, the chairman of Rdpc section offers his friend, then director of the National School of Posts and Telecommunications of Yaounde, a refund with interest of 500 Fcfa. That's when the name Dongo Jean Marie decides to give him this money. Moreover, the applicant used to make small loans to the defendant. The quarrel starts exactly on February 05, 2012 when Tchoula Motho Roger, issues the check Bicec n ° 5877160 of 15 500 000 Fcfa, on the account of Multi-protection of Cameroon, in favor of the concluding Dongo Jean Marie. 

Excited by the multiple appointments without follow-up of the promoter of Global Mail Services (GMS), the concluding one decides to seize the Division of the Judiciary Police of the Center on December 13th, 2013. In order to benefit from a provisional freedom, Sieur Tchoula sign of the deeds of IOUs, as well as the payment schedule. Except that until this day, Sieur Choula has never paid the least symbolic franc to his debtor-concluding. This, despite promises made before the judges by the defendant. It was after the exhaustion of the multiple steps with a view to the settlement of the sum claimed that the applicant then decided to bring the case near the Yaounde Center-Administrative Court.

Spectacular turnaround 

Thunderclap.  To diversion, the local "elected" does not fail "during investigations and while it was now confused, to invent a crime of attempted fraud that he has unfortunately never been able to stick to the conclusive fault  for him to say in what these attempts consist, in front of the check without allowance which he signed and that he does not dispute !!  Said the complainant's defense.  Any shame drunk for a local elected.  Thus, all the constituting elements of the offense of issuing bad checks are clearly found both with regard to the penal code whose article 253 indicates without detours that "is punished by the penalties provided for by article 318  whoever: (a) issues a check on a bank or postal account, even foreigners without prior and available funds or insufficient funds'.  Case to follow!