Monday, December 9, 2019

Samuel Eto'o, the Cameroonian footballer Journey to the musical world

From the stadium to the stage, there is a step to take, an important decision that upsets the existence of the sportsman who wants to become a musician. Therefore, on his Instagram account, we see a teaser of a few seconds where Eto'o is performing.

Well dressed with a wide brimmed hat, a coat, a chain that bears his name, Samuel Eto'o looks like an artist who masters the scene. And the excerpt of the song is a hymn to Makossa, it is subdued that the voice is that of Samuel Eto'o or so of another person. Whatever the hypotheses, Eto'o has decided to offer a concert to customers of his company BETOO where he will be headlining. His first part will be made by several artists like Salatiel, Lady Ponce, Magasco, DJ K√©rozen, Indira etc ... 

If this alternative conversion is proven Eto'o Fils will follow the footsteps of his older brothers Yannick Noah and Roger Milla who have embarked on music after stopping their sports career.