Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Public companies: Paul Biya signs a decree that affects the DGs

The President of the Republic has appointed Andrée Caroline Mebande Bate, replacing Mr. Ela who sits at the head of the National Center for Studies and Experimentation of Agricultural Machinery (Ceneema) for 45 years.

The decree was made public on December 6th. Ernest Ela Evina is no longer Director General of the National Center for Studies and Experimentation of Agricultural Machinery (Ceneema). The man held the record for longevity at the head of a public company in Cameroon. 

As CEO of the organization for 45 years, Mr. Ela was regularly cited in the list of untouchable CEOs and Chairman of the Board. He gave up his seat to Mebande Bate, born Ekotto Minkouna Andrée Caroline Melanie, previously in service at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Minader). Abdou Namba is also appointed by presidential decree, as chairman of the Board of Directors of Ceneema.

Ernest Ela Evina was considered by more than one as an irremovable with his 45 years at the head of Ceneema, while the law states that the term of office of the leaders of public institutions must not exceed nine years. The exit of this baron she announced other departures caciques public companies in Cameroon?  Departures who murmur in the seraglio and outside for some time especially after the legislative reforms made during the year 2019. In particular, the three decrees of June 19, 2019 specifying the terms of application of the laws of 2017 on the functioning of entities public. Regulatory reforms that specify, among other things, the remuneration of executives and corporate officers and strict compliance with the terms of reference. 

Several other structures have the same leaders for twenty years. Among others, Adolphe Moudiki, CEO of the National Hydrocarbons Company (SNH) for 26 years, Camille Mouthe in Bidias, CEO of the National Employment Fund (FNE) for 28 years, or Yao Aissatou, CEO of the National Society investment (Sni) for 16 years.