Saturday, December 7, 2019

President Paul Biya Fires DG of Ceneema After 45 Years Of Rule

Ernest Roland Ela Evina was fired yesterday Friday, December 06, 2019, from his position as Director General (Dg) of the National Center for Studies and Experimentation of Agricultural Machinery (Ceneema).

The latter was replaced by Ms. Mebande Bate born Ekotto Andrée Caroline , appointed by a presidential decree read yesterday afternoon, on the airwaves of the Crtv, Cameroon government radio.

Appointed CEO of Ceneema in 1974 by President Ahmadou Ahidjo, Ernest Roland Ela Evina resisted all the movements of managing directors of operated state companies. With 45 years of teaching at the head of Ceneema, Ernest Roland Ela Evina was the dean of the dg of companies with public capital in Cameroon. 

Another presidential decree names Abdou Namba, chairman of the board of directors of Ceneema.

Mebande Bate born Ekotto Andrée Caroline, the new director general of Ceneema, was until her appointment that day, a manager at the Cameroonian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Source: Camerbe