Saturday, December 14, 2019

Paul Kingué reveals the MRC plan that was established with Kamto in Kondengui

The MRC will not participate in the local elections of February 9, 2020. Better yet, its leader Maurice Kamto asks the Cameroonians to stay at home on polling day. A boycott that is not to the liking of Paul Eric Kingué. The ex-mayor of Njombé / Penja asks the Cameroonians not to follow this word of boycott.

"It is useless. Young Cameroonians must be allowed to have the experience of the elections in order to improve their skills ”. He said on the radio Equinoxe this Wednesday, December 11, 2019. 

Formerly an ally of Maurice Kamto, the politician is positioning himself today as his detractor. "I left this alliance because until Njombe Penja, they had made lists against me. MRC activists were doing files throughout the Moungo against Paul Eric Kingue. Even in Njombe-Penja, "he said.

For these local elections, the president of the Patriotic Movement for a New Cameroon (MPCN) recognizes the advance that the ruling party has. “The MRC cannot cover all of Cameroon. Do you know that even if the MRC went to these elections the CPDM would have had 70 seats already acquired before the elections. It is a job that we did in our cell Maurice Kamto, Penda Ekoka and me ”. He said. 

Paul Eric Kingue, who is not in the running for the 2020 double ballot, is already preparing the upcoming presidential election.