Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Paul Biya's Succession: How Kamto Impeded France's Plan

As Cameroon is hit hard by the security crisis in two regions of the country, a political crisis is about to determine its fate for the next 50 years. Cameroonians have a choice between political change through change total of the ruling elite, and the maintenance of the system embodied by the Biya regime whose inertia and incompetence have reduced Cameroon to the point of laughing at the continent.

Between illicit enrichment, festive evenings à la Marie Antoinette, princely weddings, the Biya regime drags behind it a record that very few countries, very few nations in the history of mankind can match. 

Twice the most corrupt country in the world, Paul Biya built its governance on impunity, corruption and inertia with the famous expression "the time of the president", Cameroon has fallen so low that it has The organization of the 2019 African Cup of Nations has been withdrawn for incapacity. 

Aged 85, and in power for 36 years, Paul Biya was a candidate in the last presidential election, the announcement of his candidacy had caused outrage and shock among the vast majority of Cameroonians. 

On November 12, 2018, Christian Pend Ekoka then Advisor to President Paul Biya is on the x set of television Equinox, he made a strange statement. By refusing to support the candidacy of Paul Biya for the presidential election of October, he declared "I will help President Biya by making him beaten, he has the right to rest '". According to the president of the Agir Movement, Paul Biya has become a sort of blank record serving as a cover for the elites to enrich themselves. 

A few days after these declarations by Penda Ekoka, he will choose to join the coalition of the most feared man by the regime, Maurice Kamto. 

On October 07, 2018 Cameroonians were at the polls to choose the future president of the republic. This event marked the historic turning point of Cameroon, his destiny was written today. The coalition of Maurice Kamto, against all forecasts, defeated President Biya and his entire political and administrative machine, the Constitutional Council had to ridicule themselves in the eyes of the world by presenting the unsigned PVs to make the electoral holdup and declare Paul Biya winner. 

Change for the good of the country, change in peace and do politics differently.

All his life Kamto fought for justice. He is patriotic, honest, having decided to "do politics differently", Maurice Kamto militates for a change for the good of the country, and a change in peace. 

Having entered a post-electoral crisis, Maurice Kamto knew that the opponent's only language was that of violence, '' when the hammer is your only tool, you see everything like a nail '' Kamto. By thus opposing violence against the law, he cut the grass at the feet of the regime's laying, part of which prepared the worst. Maurice Kamto quickly understood that it was his duty to protect his people. He will remind him when he returns from Addis Ababa, "I love you and I don't want to lose any of you" 

Bibou Nissack, spokesperson for Maurice Kamto, had revealed in the media his boss's refusal to yield to a proposal for a military coup after the elections. This coup scenario would have created a deep crisis which would destabilize not only Cameroon, but the entire Central African sub-region. 

With the economic and social disaster caused by the Biya regime, the only weapon they have left is violence and destruction. 

After the elections, Maurice Kamto alone had the people against the regime who declared through his Minister of the Interior '' the state is a cold monster who will not hesitate to crush those who will dare to demonstrate '' Paul Atanga nji. 

It was necessary to oppose the murderous machine of the Biya regime, an external force, especially after the media blackout of France on abuses and other human rights violations. 

“Macron's France plays its traditional game. Mr. Macron claims to be unaware of what is happening in this country and if he is aware, he is careful not to say ", commented Achille Mbembe in a publication published in the Washington Post.

In 2015, in his publications on Cameroon entitled "Hybrid war can wreak havoc across West Africa" ​​a Russian journalist analyzed the country's security situation, the political transition and the risks of explosion Cameroon which would affect all regions of Central and West Africa. 

'If everything goes according to plan and there is little disruption and a strong sense of' deep state 'unity (military unity, intelligence and permanent diplomatic bureaucracies), a smooth transition can be ensured as in the two cases mentioned above. But if personal or identity-based ambitions get the better of the groups making the decisions and / or managing security, then the consequences could be dire. '' Andrew Korybko, he is the American political commentator who currently works for the Sputnik agency. 

The divided deep state. 

According to some indiscretions, around the president is waging a war of networks. A clan of caciques the ovipositions of the regime which control almost all the apparatuses of the state, they are close to the French-African networks and would be in search of a succession to the Zimbabwean. A forcing for the presidential which would allow them to prepare the succession of president Biya by one of their. 

Albert Sufo is a teacher at the University of Douala. On the hypothesis of a Zimbabwean coup, he does not hide his concern `` it would be catastrophic for the country, we would end up with a president from the same system who would worse, could have less than 60 years would mean leaving for 50 years of suffering. "Sufo before continuing" In this regime, nobody is recoverable and all are required ". 

Opposed to the caciques, there is the network of personalities from the native region of the first lady. Our well-introduced source reveals to us that their ambitions were to make a strong electoral passage and prepare for a transition, the time to financially secure their departures, the management of CAN2019 infrastructure, excessive overcharging and corruption are revealing of the veracity of this hypothesis. 

Maurice Kamto's menu

By throwing the people in the street, Maurice Kamto opened the door to the destabilization of the country by exposing it to a dreaded coup in intelligence circles. Any street uprising had to be recovered giving the regime the opportunity to 'apply what they know how to do best, manipulate public opinion and put their plan in place to neutralize all the credible opposition forces under an accomplice silence from Paris. 

When in 2015 Andrew Korybko wrote the article "Hybrid war can wreak havoc across West Africa" ​​he already mentioned the hyper-centralization of power as a risk factor for explosion. A year before the start of the English-speaking crisis on the form of the state, the Russian journalist said "a centralized system in which an individual personality (President Paul Biya) has exceptional strategic importance in decision-making. " 

This hypercentralisation allows France to have control over the wealth of the country because, hence its continued support to the regime of Yaoundé. 

A few months before the presidential election, leading French figures publicly displayed their support for the Biya regime. First, President Emmanuel Macron who supported the Biya regime in the English-speaking crisis by making a media blackout on the crimes and abuses of human rights in the North-West and the South-West, Vincent Bolloré through his group had organized a movement of support for candidate Biya while Ségolène Royale was showing off in light of the ruling CPDM party. 

Pan-Africanist, Maurice Kamto requested the African Union. These having a false version of the facts, the candidate of the coalition made the trip from Addis Ababa to inform the African and international community on what was happening in the country. 

Maurice Kamto's strategy became more serious from the moment the African Union decided to travel to Cameroon. Now the three-legged strategy with an external third party is now on the table. 

Maurice Kamto needed external arbitration and the AU seemed to be a priority, he obtained it and now wants a Cameroonian solution, "nobody will decide for the people," he said. An analysis shared by Achille Mbembe when he says: “It is indeed up to Cameroonians to carry out the transformations they want themselves. If they want democracy or alternation, it is their responsibility to organize themselves for this purpose. Those who call for external intervention often do not know the price. None of this is free. ”

China, Russia and the United States have said they are now aligning themselves with the AU positions on all matters relating to the crises in Africa. 

By succeeding in circumventing the blackout of France on Cameroon, especially on the English-speaking and post-electoral crises, France was a spectator of all the debates at the UN Security Council on the case of Cameroon. 

Article written and published on 05.01.2019 

With the presence of the AU as arbitrator and the international lobbying done by Maurice Kamto, the regime is now stripped naked and exposed to the eyes of the world. 

The coup option is now ruled out. Five major powers have made statements to the UN Security Council on Cameroon, ignoring the French positions. How far is Paris ready to go to protect the Biya regime? Until when will the Cameroonians understand that it is the moment or never to take their destiny in hand and say no to the regime and its French support? 

It is up to the Cameroonians to take their destiny in hand, hence the call for mobilization in the middle of January by President Kamto, "he did his part, it is up to us to finish", explains Derrulex, actor of the civil society.