Thursday, December 12, 2019

Paul Biya's health: What if Penda Ekoka was right?

During his visit to Equinox Television a few weeks before the 2018 presidential election, Christian Penda Ekoka said he was resigning because he wanted to help President Biya by sending him to rest. In front of the cameras of the whole world, the adviser of Maurice Kamto unveiled for the first time to the public the contents of one of his advices to Paul Biya.

Calling him a "sacrificial lamb" for those who keep him in power because he serves as a white-collar to loot the public fortune, Penda Ekoka knew that Paul Biya can no longer run the country. 

One year after the elections, everyone discovers against Mo Ibrahim a president who comes to read a speech to a debate. Stories of pants falling, the stadium that bears his name in the political capital Yaoundé illustrates his inability to make any decision against his staff.

As a result of all these findings, Michelle Ndoki told Equinox television that Paul Biya should resign.

Reporter: Albin Michel Njilo