Sunday, December 15, 2019

Paul Biya now listed among the minority in the CPDM

The renewal or rather the rejuvenation of the political class should, at the end of the investitures of the candidates of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc) for the legislative and municipal elections of February 09, 2020, immediately enter the guest book of pious wishes of the Republic, Paul Biya.

In his capacity as national president, he, in a circular dated November 17, clearly recommended to the secretary general of the central committee of his party and to the heads of the preselection and investiture commissions, to "encourage the emergence of new figures, especially in cases involving comrades enjoying parliamentary retirement ”. 

Objective pursued by the man of November 6, 1982: "to tie the party to demographic and sociological developments in our country". In this logic, the deputies having been elected three times (or more) under the banner of the Rdpc had to slip away in favor of younger candidates and women. This requirement was more valid in cases where there should be one or more lists competing with that of the outgoing candidate. 

But the clear observation that emerges following the publication by Elections Cameroon (Elecam) of the list of candidates for the double ballot next February is that, apart from some cooptations on the background of settling of scores when choosing candidates for the deputation, the circular of Paul Biya was conspicuously flouted. Most of the deputies affected by the famous parliamentary retirement have been invested again and should, without much effort, be re-elected for the next five years.

Thus of Cavaye Yeguié Djibril, deputy since 1970 and president of the National Assembly since 1992; of Jean Bernard Ndongo Essomba, the all-powerful president of the Rdpc parliamentary group, elected for the first time in 1997. He has already spent 22 years like Roger Nkodo Dang, the current president of the Pan-African Parliament, Haman Tchiouto, rapporteur of the Commission for Constitutional Laws, or Hamadou Sali (Diamaré) and Isabelle Silikam Manamourou (Mayo-Danay East), in the Far North. 

Vice-president of the lower house of Parliament, Hi-larion Etong has been a deputy for Haute Sanaga (Center) since 1992. He spent the same number of years there as Théophile Baoro (Adamaoua) and Jean Gonondo (Far North) . The vice-president of this institution, Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, the president of the finance and budget committee, Rosette Ayayi, the quaestor Kamsouloum Abba Kabir (Logone and Chari), Marie-Rose Nguini Effa (Mefou and Akono) or even Jean -Claude Feutheu (Ndé), who all had three terms, also got away with it. 

With this missed rejuvenation of the National Assembly, the Rdpc seems to be opposed to the concretization of the campaign promise of its national president to further integrate youth in the spheres of decision. Freshly re-elected at the end of the presidential election of October 07, 2018, Paul Biya had asked his young compatriots not to lose hope and swore to have understood their deep aspiration "for changes that [open] the doors of the future and allow [ their] full development ”. It is true, he himself should have defeated the Conservatives by clearly prescribing the systematic shelving of fossils.