Monday, December 9, 2019

Operation Sparrowhawk: Convicted Atangana Kouna Wants To Give Back 1.2 Billion FCFA He Stole To The government

According to statements by the former Minister of Water and Energy, this money was withdrawn from the Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation (Camwater) while he was the company's General Manager.

On November 26, 2019, Basile Atangana Kouna, former Minister of Water and Energy was facing the panel of judges of the Special Criminal Court ( TCS ) to respond to alleged acts of embezzlement of public funds. During his hearing, the former member of the government made a statement that provoked reactions. He proposes to return to the Treasury all the funds for which he is being tried before the TCS. In particular, the sum of CFAF 1.2 billion withdrawn from the budget of the Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation ( CAMWATER ), while he was the Director General.

Indeed, through the voice of his lawyers, Me Atangana Ayissi and Luc Sack, the former minister asks the judges to order "the partial release of his bank accounts", which had been blocked by the examining magistrate Lord judicial information. The Cameroonian portal of Belgium ( Basile Atangana Kouna hopes "to write off the sum of 1.2 billion CFA francs which will be transferred directly into the public coffers, representing the restitution of the body of the offense". In his defense, Mr. Atangana Ayissi explains to the judges that his client "proposes and asks you to accept the restitution of the body of the offense such that the amount was stopped in the order of settlement which seizes you".

The latter reveals that the case had already been made before the public prosecutor's office near the TCS, which rejected the request in favor of the judge for jurisdiction. The prosecution does not hear it that way. The lawyer of the State of Cameroon asks the panel of judges composed of Lucien Eyango, Langmago and Jules Awoung to reject the request of the former minister. "You can not use the detention of public property that the investigating judge has presumed unlawful and asked the court to have the accused get out of the wedlock," he says.

Rather, it proposes to the judges to rule on the application at the time of the pronouncement of the minutes. After hearing the various parties, the court remanded the case to 17 December 2019. This hearing will be an opportunity for the defense of Basile Atangana Kouna to submit evidence of seizures of assets and blockages alleged accounts. And for the prosecutor to prepare his reply.