Sunday, December 1, 2019

MRC boycott: Paul Eric Kingue in beautiful sheets

There is one thing I learned from my very short life during which I never met Paul Eric Kingue - it's compassion. What is compassion? It's putting yourself in the shoes of the other. And try to think in its place, and draw conclusions in its place, in front of simple things in life. Paul Eric Kingue, whom I have never met in my life, I repeat, was thrown into prison on February 29, 2008. It was more than eleven years ago. He came out eight years later, to return to prison on January 26, 2019, and spend another eight months there. That's nine (9!) Years in prison in total. For nine years, therefore, he had no salary, because the prisoner has his salary suspended in our country. Before this imprisonment, he was mayor of Njombe Penja, a small town in the heart of the concessionary plantations in Moungo. I imagine that before going to prison, he had saved money, which enabled him to survive, the prison with us being a rented house in which you have to pay everything, including the right to have access to the oxygen of the sky. Out of prison a month ago, it is legitimate that his professional ambition - because he is obviously a politician - was to have an elected position - mayor, deputy. That would be his first salary after nine years. This dream is absolutely destroyed by the boycott of Maurice Kamto who, on the other hand, does have a job - teacher, lawyer -, therefore has a salary, and who, in February 2008-the, when Paul Eric Kingue went to prison , was Minister of Justice Paul Biya and did not say anything, neither to defend Paul Eric Kingue nor the dead of February 2008. To put it in plain language, in a country that imagines alternatives and change, plan B would be to ask the question of the career of people like Paul Eric Kingue, after the boycott - what is he going to live like? Instead of asking these simple questions, these adult questions, he is insulted and dragged into the mud.

A call...

By: Concierge of the Republic

Source: info tgv