Saturday, December 14, 2019

MRC activists arrested by the police in Nkongsamba

The leaders of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) are increasingly becoming the target of certain administrative authorities who systematically prevent any party activity in the various localities.

After Me Emmanuel SIMH, kidnapped by the sub-prefect of Yokadouma Guy RĂ©gis ESSIE ZE, it is Albert DZONGANG's turn to experience the same fate in Nkongsamba on Thursday morning.

Indeed, according to whistleblower Boris Bertolt, the delegation of the National Directory of the party which was in NKONGSAMBA on Thursday morning to meet with municipal officials of the MRC and explain to them the reasons for the boycott of the legislative and municipal elections of February 2020 by the MRC  suffered the ardor of the security forces.  The latter were kidnapped in a private home by a large squad of police and gendarmes who threatened to brutalize them.

"You can't threaten me.  I went to jail at the highest level and it was not you who could scare me.  Give us 15 minutes, I explain to our comrades the reasons for our presence and we are off.  Soon we will take power and you will always be commissioners, "said Albert Dzongang to the overexcited police.

At the insistence of the party board, the squad of police and gendarmes retreated and allowed Ndzongang and his team to work before leaving.

It should be noted that after the announcement of the boycott of the legislative and communal elections of 2020, the MRC of Prof Maurice Kamto began a campaign of explanation throughout the Cameroonian territory.