Friday, December 13, 2019

Meeting between the Paul Biya and French ambassador: panic in the cabal

While reading some comments about the rushed parliamentary session of today, December 13, it is obvious: the diplomat was not there for the reasons invoked by the government press.

He has probably given very bad news to the "tired lion". 

Who has read the voluminous book of the former minister, special adviser to Marshal Mobutu Honore Ngbanda, knows what happens when the US wants to get rid of a now useless dictator. 

This rush does not bode well for Biya and her supporters.

If you want to understand the assembly president's blunder yesterday, ask my friend Haman Mana, founder of the excellent daily newspaper Le Jour, to republish the important file that shows how the Cavaye family "yéyé" confiscated the Upper House of Parliament. 

This blunder can be explained by this clientelism, but especially by the fact that the power has fire to the buttocks; and not everyone is as unconscious as Atanga Nji.

Journalist: Benjamin Zebaze