Saturday, December 28, 2019

Meet the Daughter of Kano state governor who bans men and women from plying same tricycles in accordance to Sharia law

Daughter of Kano Governor, Abudullahi Ganduje, the emergency Sharia enforcer.

Fatima Ganduje is the daughter of Kano State Governor, Umaru Ganduje. 

The beautiful Fatima is enjoying her social life without bothering about the Sharia law in her state, Kano.

Meanwhile, her dad, Governor Umaru Ganduje had announced ban on opposite sexes plying same tricycles in Kano which he explained as a Sharia law preventing the occupants of the state from immorality. 

Sheik Haruna Sani, who is the Commander-General of Kano State Hisbah Board said that any defaulter would be forced to give fine or six months suspension.