Friday, December 13, 2019

'Maurice Kamto goes crazy' Says Saint Eloi Bidoung

"The Mrc is a young political party, which was quick to find its marks on the national political scene. Except that politics is very badly suited to lies and deception and I firmly believe that it is on this prism that Professor Maurice Kamto has inscribed his meeting.

When a man loses the sense of values, we must recognize that he is going crazy. He took it upon himself to train Cameroon in a difficult situation, but in addition, he threw out a whole tribe. Today we see the socio-political tensions that exist between the Beti and Bamileke tribes, something that never happened. For my part, this style of people can not be described as political professionals, but as brigands. They have entered the arena with the aim of destroying everything, of taking power by undemocratic methods, by force, at the limit in the blood. 

Fortunately, the teacher was caught up in his scenarios by reality. Mrc is only a big carapace, who understood that communication was a very great political weapon, alas, did not use it without reserve, without measure and without restraint. And from disappointment to great disappointment, I think Professor Maurice Kamto had no choice but to kill his party to save his head. He became crazy.

When one reaches an intellectual level like that of the teacher, one is convinced that one can convince people that what is bad can be good or catch up. The political career of Professor Maurice Kamto is complete, no one can believe in him anymore. And he carries with him and in a cynicism like no other, men who had faith in him, he broke dreams, political careers. What will become of them, those who left political parties to join the party. What will become of those who have believed in him since the creation of Mrc? What will become of these media outlets that have politically displayed themselves? Without shame or modesty, he turned his back on all those people who could have had political futures through him. 

So, I do not think that can have a political rebound on his part, it only remains to see the pages of social networks in which he has invested, we understand that he is alone and in the abandonment. It only needs to be hoped that he will have a coup d'etat for his friends to rehabilitate him, but politically, when one goes outside for five years without municipal councilors, without deputies, there is no no bright future for this kind of party. "