Thursday, December 5, 2019

Lawyer strike: Jean de Dieu Momo very angry with his colleagues, he said Bar is not a political party

Jean de Dieu Momo is fed up with the repetitive strikes of his fellow lawyers. Faced with their new strike to denounce the inconsistencies of the bill on tribalism, he is still in the niche to reframe. In his release, the minister reminds men of rights to conscientiousness and denounces the nicknames "politicians sheltered in the dresses of Lawyers" who harm the corporation.

Below, its output

My dear colleagues, the Bar President says that the Bar is not a political party and I add neither a counter power. The Barreau's vocation is to defend purely professional interests. But the reality is different. A bill on the promotion of official languages ​​is being studied in Parliament. Our confreres, having been informed by people who manipulate them, set out to defend purely political causes, training thousands of confreres and citizens in battles that do not concern them in the first place, in the absence of organized political parties. 

The National Assembly represents our people from whom it is the emanation and I can testify that it discusses firm there to be myself past it. Are we moving towards a democracy of street protests? Why does the permanent threat of markets and other boycotts take precedence over dialogue and consultation? Why always the way of the struggle against the power that one tries to erect falsely as an enemy of his people? Let's build or destroy our country doing it. 

In any case, it is clear that some politicians sheltered in the dresses of Lawyers enlisted the Bar of Cameroon for unacknowledged political objectives. In doing so they hinder those like me who are acquired and devoted to the cause of our country by posing as the enemies of our people.