Saturday, December 14, 2019

Latest: The United States of America gave Paul Biya ultimatum to address the Anglophone Crisis orderwise the US will take actions

Again United States Congress had asked president Paul Biya to address the armed conflict in Anglophone regions of Cameroon in the rightful manner before the US takes further decision.

The strong letter was written and addressed to the president of the Republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya.

The US said further decision will be taken if Paul Biya failed to do the needful. The letter was published on 12th of December, 2019 and signed by the Congress members.

Synopsis: As Summarise by CNA

A) They recognised that non state actors have been committing crimes but said that they have strong evidences that Soldiers have committed worse crimes by burning houses,  raping, killing,  torture among others. 

B) They reiterated that school is very important and they know that Paul Biya likes education, so he should do everything possible to get kids back to school.

C) That the National Dialogue was a good initiative but lamented how most efforts made by the Government has yielded no fruits. 

D) That there must be frank negotiation between the regime and non state armed groups,  encouraging Biya to join the Swiss led process. 

E) That the Biya administration through SDOs and DOs have exercised their powers on the opposition to prevent many from registering for the upcoming election in 2020.

F) Reminded Paul Biya that the US has taken measures like withdrawing military aid and suspension from AGOA. 

G) That if these things are not done, further steps will be taken by the US towards Cameroon. 

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