Friday, December 20, 2019

Lady received wired replies after she posted her photos and caption "I know you will choose me over 10million dollars"

A Twitter lady received hilarious replies from her followers after she posted her beautiful photos and said she know her followers will choose her over 10million dollars.

It's just like a big joke, I mean 10million dollars. Although she is beautiful but the money she called is also too big, may be she doesn't know how much 10million dollars is. 

Be sincere, Will you choose her over 10million dollars?

Read below; 

I know you'll choose me over 10million dollars

I will choose 2 odds over you 

I’ll even choose bag of rice , groundnut oil and a few turkeys over you like this". Masstone

Runs girl like you .. I cover my $10million with the blood of Jesus" Henry Austin

Even your own father will take the 10million dollars, you're not serious" Arnold

With 10 mill I can get 10 times bigger booty and 10 times bigger boobs" wizzyo6

I'll choose 10M... Then you'll choose me! Bugzie

Your laps remind me of thick chicken laps" sholar

But a million dollar can get 10 of your kind" Patrick

Never. Will choose 50k over this thing I’m seeing in the avi" Musze

With 5k i will get 2 of you"Valid Dreamz

Say it again make I land heavy nock on your forehead" Made944

Even you won’t choose ursef over $10 million" Kellysteven

Even them use you do ritual, you no fit cough out 100k dollars. Abeg park well" Blinqe

I'll definitely choose #10,000 over you except I want to use you to make money" Olabode

But of course dear. after I’ve confirm from baba that he can use you to give me $100 million sha" Toby