Saturday, December 21, 2019

Kondengui: Georges Gilbert Baongla begins hunger strike

Arrested in full circulation in the Etoa Meki district in Yaoundé and placed in preventive detention in the central prison of Yaoundé-Kondengui, Georges Gilbert Baongla begins a hunger strike in 03 days i.e. Monday 23 December 2019.

Tired of waiting for the justice to do its job since what it considers to be illegal detention since June 03, 2019, and added to its health which is deteriorating considerably as noted by us who saw it in recent days in Kondengui , Georges Gilbert Baongla says he is now ready to go to the supreme sacrifice.

The hunger strike he started on Monday will only be stopped if he is released unjustly from his freedom, in which case it is his corpse that he invites his executioners to pick up in Kondengui at the end of this hunger strike that he does not intend to stop.

Source: David Eboutou