Friday, December 27, 2019

Kondengui: Achilles Zogo kidnapped and moved to an unknown destination

Very late that night in the central prison of Kondengui Yaoundé, while there reigns an apparent calm within this jail, some elements of the prison administration will land manu militari in the premises of detainee ACHILLE ZOGO ANDELA.

Having hastened to tear off his small telephone which served him as contact with his family, he will be ordered to Zogo ANDELA the order to follow his jailers out of his district 13 (bis) where he had been a boarder for almost 10 years. 

His personal effects having been stowed in big boxes, and without being able to give him any reason, he will try to fight in vain without success and will be dragged towards the central door of the prison of Kondengui. 

This is how we will see him being taken to the main prison in Yaounde, former BM, where he has been there so far. According to internal sources, it is now there, at the main prison, reputed to be stricter, that he should continue his detention.

As a reminder, ACHILLE ZOGO ANDELA it is this Cameroonian businessman who in the mid-90s was given back, for rent, 20 shrimp boats bought by the State of Cameroon to a Spanish bank for a credit amount of $ 40 million. Having not subsequently received authorizations to practice, his boats will be boarded. In the absence of reimbursement, the contract will be terminated by the State and the boats taken back. 

He will be arrested despite the alleged facts being commercial and absolutely not of a criminal nature and will have spent almost 10 years without trial in Kondengui central prison before sticking him almost 02 years ago a 35 year sentence imprisonment before the Special Criminal Court (TCS) notwithstanding calls for a fair trial of the latter by international organizations. 

Furthermore, he has been accused for some time of being the author of a correspondence signed under pseudonymity at the place of MINDEL-justice where he did not go hand in hand to describe a judicial system and actors who exalt parody and injustice.

Journalist: David Eboutou