Monday, December 2, 2019

Kamto moment on TV: Me Christian Bomo named his benefits


Like it or not, whether we like it or not, Maurice Kamto demonstrated yesterday that he has the stature of a statesman not only by this charisma he releases, but also by his speech rallying, without projections of resentment or grudges against his political opponents, his bilingualism and the good mastery of the political, institutional and economic issues of the day. 

1- On his charisma. We saw a man who spoke with confidence and conviction. In short, he imposed respect. 

2- On his unifying speech. 

His perfect bilingualism, his mastery of the remote areas of Cameroon from north to south, from east to west. 

For example, when he said that he went to Oveng, this small district forgotten Dja and lobo, on the border with the Gabonese Republic, which few Cameroonians know the existence, including many Djalobians. Or when he said he was more than 03 times in Yokadouma in the east of Cameroon (You have to go to know what he's talking about), in small towns in the far north and the Adamawa.

He also hammered on his refusal of revenge. 

Finally, we will never have witnessed such a media mobilization of the Cameroonian people to follow a political event. 

Even the broadcast of hearings to the constitutional council during the presidential election of October 7, 2018 had reached peaks of about 26,000 views on Facebook and more than 15,000 views on you tube, as observed yesterday night. 

Some videos posted on networks show Cameroonians in the bars following this interview. 

Cameroon stopped a little yesterday to follow it. This is really the man who is currently doing the political weather in Cameroon.

3- It would be abundant, even redundant to mention its relevance when it addresses the functioning of institutions. He showed last night that he had a perfect mastery of economic and monetary issues. 

His analyzes on data and economic and monetary particular CFA were remarkable. 

He did not stop making diagnoses, but did a lot of foresight. 

4- On the English-speaking question 

His exit plan was very consistent. He detailed the ways and means including a federalism to several states and the categorical rejection of secessionism when he has often been lent to play the game of secessionists.

To be honest, he has reassured many, even in the firmness of his positions and postures on political issues such as the need to adopt an electoral code and the resolution of the Anglophone crisis, before any election. 

Finally, we saw a man who had been appeased, far from the clich├ęs of going to war that he was always lent to on purpose. 

Even his "mission leader" Jean De Dieu Momo acknowledged that he was somehow passed for a saint. 

I say Congratulations to this political leader for this beautiful performance that has effectively appeased and reassured Cameroonians.

Reporter: Tgv of the info