Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Kamto is ashamed. He lied to those who joined his camp and fled' Agencecamerounpresse

"The escape is a defense. When one is cornered, when one has lost all his resources including his science, his honor and his dignity, when one has lost the sense of the values, the fear of the policeman, when one has more place in the normal Men, we are fleeing to avoid the worst. We fled so that nothing serious will happen again. Still, it is an attitude proper to the cowards, the inconsequential and those who have things to reproach themselves for.

The leak for not being accountable 

Maurice Kamto is accountable to those he has bluffed. Those to whom he has given assurances as to his victory against Paul Biya in the last presidential election, hold him accountable, when he is demanded of accounts, he cries for the settlement of accounts. And yet he must render big accounts. All his money was secretly collected in circles as obscure as their objectives were to be reimbursed by the granting of public contracts by shovel (fictitious and affective), tax largesse and customs tolerances. He had promised them. How can he keep his commitments to the pressures you exert on Facebook's president on the pages of social networks. Hence the escape. Rushing ahead. But he will not go far, 

The flight not to tell the truth 

Maurice Kamto is asked so much. In the hope that he will have the good science of telling the truth and the whole truth to the Cameroonian people. What are its links with the "Anti Sardinards Brigade"? Information circulates about intellectual complicity with these hooligans and undocumented, to destroy the image of Paul Biya at each release on European soil or in America. The disintegration of this movement, which breaks up from the inside and the outside, revealing its hideous secrets and monstrous sponsors can give the desire to flee to those who prowled around the Bas. 

What are its relations with secessionist movements? What pacts have they secretly signed to lead two parallel struggles? Before ending up, later, for sharing the loot. During their concomitant visits to Kondengui Central Prison, Maurice Kamto and Sissiku Ayuk Tabe were often seen in long asparties. Simple good neighborhood between convicts? I do not believe that. As soon as it was enlarged, Maurice Kamto demanded the release of the Ambazonian leaders, including Sissiku Ayuk Tabe. While his own Vice-President at the MRC, Mamadou Motta was in prison (and is still there) for gentler motives than those for whom the secessionist leaders are imprisoned. 

What are its links (secret and obscure) with ethno fascist lobbies who want to shatter the notion of living together "so dear to all Cameroonians? Tribalism had never been so good in Cameroon. Why refuse to talk about it and run away when a law on tribalist remarks is in the making in parliament?

The fear of having to say how much money he received from the "Tontine" had become nagging, untenable and the time was already approaching. Is not it at the end of the year that we "break" the tontines? 

The leak for lying 

He lied. And he is ashamed of it. He said he had VPs. He said he won. He said he was the elected president. He said he will take an oath. He lied. He lied to those who joined his camp and his valetaille, and who are today unhappy and ashamed. He lied saying that he will not go to the coupled elections of 09 October 2020 because the electoral code was flawed. However, it is with the same electoral code that he "won" the presidential election of October 2018. And that made him the "elected president" of the public street of Cameroon. Taking the Anglophone crisis as a pretext, he lied. In October 2018, the situation in English-speaking areas was at its worst, or at least the same. 

Yet he went to the election and was "elected". Even as the heads of civilians and soldiers rolled in the dust in Ndian, Mezam, Ngonk-Etuna, Lebialem and Manyu. 

For lying that he never negotiated anything, personally and interested in the power of Paul Biya, Maurice Kamto felt his close political end. But except for an abusive and malicious breach of the pact, specialists in underground maneuvers at the Rdpc will not reveal any details of what is whispering. Besides, why say more, since the enemy has already been put to the ground, defeated and corrupted. 

The escape of a business without profit

The meetings and the white steps are no longer recipes. Let's even say that no one wants more. As much the sub-prefects as the tontinards no one buys more this commodity. Maurice Kamto pitifully went bankrupt in the shop of marches and popular claims of stolen victories. He had to find another niche to stay on the market, even if he had to make a sacrifice. He sold the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, to revive in another case: the boycott of the coupled elections of 09 February 2020. 

And it seems that it pays in terms of personal enrichment and party impoverishment. But for Maurice Kamto, what matters is his personal gain and not those of Penda Ekoka, Sam Severin Ango, Dzongang, Sihm, Ndoki, Lipot, Celestin Djamen, FoguĂ© ... It looks like he had long admired the eternal president of Sdf, who has built a personal fortune with one or two boycotts of elections in Cameroon. 

To escape, to flee, to flee ... 

Yes, let him fly and go away. Where he was placed before fleeing, we will see the signs of someone trembling. Someone who was shaking because the constitution of lists and records was going to be a painful ordeal, the elections a turmoil and the after elections a hell. No ! He could not. And now, let him shut up! Besides, no need to tell him to be quiet: without deputies, senators or councilors, in which market will he now sell the Mrc. 

I forgot he would be negotiating to enter the next government after the February 2020 election, like Bouba Bello in 1997 after a boycott. Always the urgency of the flight. The policy has anticipation requirements, this anticipation passes by the flight. "Errare humanum est, perseverare is diabolicum". May Paul Biya, the people, and God forgive you. And that, it'll be known ...